Proxy file handling in gLExec

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gLExec uses four environment variables for various reasons. This section is intended to explain what they do in a pragmatic way so that you should be able to work with them.

The environment variables of interest are:



gLExec needs a (proxy) certificate as input to know who to authorize and to which account you must be mapped. The mapping and authorization decision will be based primarily on this file.


  • Contains a file path from the root to the file. Note: "/dir/subdir/../subdir2/proxy" is allowed.
  • Must contain a public and private key pair in this one file.
  • Must be readable by the user account calling gLExec
  • Variable must be accessible by gLExec to read.
    • Typically that means to export it into the current shell.
  • Must be set before calling gLExec.

If y

glexec[10301]: LCAS authorization request
glexec[10301]: lcas.mod-lcas_run_va(): Cannot find certificate chain in pem string(failure)
glexec[10301]: lcas.mod-lcas_run_va(): failed