NDPF Dell OpenManage SA Installation

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Location of the Software

All files for the Dell OpenManage Server Administrator software version 5.1 can be found on the NDPF web site at [1]. You need the OM_5.1_ManNode_LIN_A00.tar.gz bundle and extract it on the local machine.


  • Extract the tar-ball to local disk, e.g. in /tmp
  • Install the kernel-source RPM for the currently running kernel
  • Add the word "Taroon" to /etc/redhat-release, or modify the detection script in prereqcheck/ to recognise CentOS.
  • from the "linux/supportscript" directory, run srvadmin-install.sh -x
  • (re)start the service with srvadmin-services.sh restart

Quattor installation

The RPMs for RHEL3 i386 have been copied to stal and added as a repository ("openmanage3"). No further progress on this installation mode yet.

Typical commands

Set the LCD display to the hostname

omconfig chassis frontpanel lcdindex=1 config=custom text=`hostname -s`

Read what's on the panel

omreport chassis frontpanel

Other relevant links

  • On the installation and configuration problems with IPMI and some common errors (mentions only installation on ESX, but is equally relevant to RHEL3/4): [2]