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Here follows a table of the currently running machines in the Jenkins/Openstack environment. Note, that some of these nodes are not visible from Jenkins (namely, they are not running a Slave Agent).

TEMPLATED : A Jenkins template exists which can recreate this node. (for full configuration you might also have to execute some Jenkins job after the template, depending on the scenario)

EXPERIMENTAL : Nodes that contain manual configurations which are not yet templated. These nodes are either going to be templated later or they are just temporary playground nodes tying out a setup.

Hostname IP address Description TEMPLATED EXPERIMENTAL
centos6-argus-c0b Argus server used for PIP development yes yes
centos6-myproxy-server-bb8 Used as the MyProxy Credentail Store for the CILogon Piloting activity no yes
centos6-myproxy-server-c84 Used as the Delegation Server (MyProxy CA + OA4MP server) in the CILogon Piloting activity yes yes
centos6-myproxy-server-fc6 Testing per-user sub-proxy MyProxy CA scenario no yes
centos6-portal-457 Used as the Master Portal (OA4MP server/client) in the CILogon Piloting activity no yes
centos6-portal-49a Used as the VO Portal (OA4MP client) in the CILogon Piloting activity no yes
centos6-slave-wn-b10 Plain Centos6 slave for Jouke yes no
centos6-voms-server-cbb VOMS server built with Jenkins for general testing

Currently in use by the CILogon Piloting Activity

yes no
centos7-argus-580 Argus server used for PIP Development yes yes
centos7-clean-slave-bd1 Delegation Server test on CentOS7 no yes
centos7-clean-slave-91c Master Portal test on CentOS7 no yes
centos7-shibboleth-idp-bd Used as the IdP (shibboleth + LDAP) in the CILogon Piloting activity yes no

debian8-jessie-bf0 Debian build node. Contains the built .deb-s for mwsec middleware yes no
egi-apel-server Accounting project

Leave vm running until production version is ready

no no