Hooikanon storage details

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Hooikanon Storage Details

The hooikanons consist of 3 Grid dCache storage units and 1 local (stoomboot) dCache storage unit.

Each server has 2 drives in RAID1. Attached to each server is a storage array with 60 drives/device. These are set up with 4 LUNs in RAID6.



  • Mellanox MCX415A-CCAT ConnectX-4 EN 100GbE single-port QSFP28 PCIe3.0 x16 LP
  • 2-Socket 2U 12 LFF/SFF 4 NVMe Direct Attach Fab Assembly
  • 2 TB 3.5-inch 7200 RPM SAS 12Gb/s HDD 512e NONSED WrtCache
  • Broadcom (LSI) 9305-16E SAS-3 HBA PCIe3.0 x8 LP
  • 16 GB DDR4 memory
  • 16-core 2.9 GHz POWER9 Processor

Storage Arrays

NetApp E5700A

  • E5700A, 64GB Cntrlr, No HIC, 16Gb FC, 2-pt
  • Controller: 2x 16Gb/10GbE optical onboard ports.
  • HIC, E5700/EF570,12Gb SAS,4-ports
  • 4U, 60 disk drives, 12TB, 7.2k, 12Gb, Non-FDE

Information on how to set up the ppc64le systems can be found here:


Storage system setup is here (ndpfgit access only):




The controllers log events, but as their clocks can drift out of sync with the server it can be difficult to correlate the logs with other events. It is best to set up NTP. The NTP server in the IPMI network is zeug:

Setting NTP on the controller is done by logging on to the SANtricity system manager on the web interface (https://hooikanon-04-disk-a.ipmi.nikhef.nl:8443/sm/index_en-US.html); select Hardware, then 'show back of shelf', then on either one of the controllers choos e 'Configure NTP servers'. The system will suggest to copy the setting to the other controller automatically.