GLite on Nikhef Desktops

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Notes on how to install the gLite UI tarball for Nikhef desktop use

Download the tarballs from the glite website:

Make sure to download both the glite-UI tarball itself and the glite-UI-externals tarball.

Extracting the tarballs

  • Log in as the user 'gridadm' on a Nikhef desktop, '' (SL4) or '' (SL5)
  • Go to the global installation directory
cd /global/ices/lcg
  • Create a directory for the new tarball and 'cd' into it,
mkdir glite<VERSION>
cd glite<VERSION>

where <VERSION> denotes the full version number of the glite update, e.g. 3.1.35

  • Unpack the tarballs
tar xzf .../glite-UI-<VERSION>-0.tar.gz
tar xzf .../glite-UI-<VERSION>-0-external.tar.gz