GLExec Environment Wrap and Unwrap scripts

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GLExec Wrap and Unwrap environment variables] describes how you can wrap environment variables in such a way that they don't get wipe and unwrap them (safely) in the target account (pilot job payload) process.

Where to find packages and sources

We provide a new packages named glexec-wrapper-scripts (at the moment primarily) through the Etics system.

The sources can be found in our SVN repository.

gLExec wrapper scripts: and

Helper scripts to restore the environment variables previously wrapped into the environment variable GLEXEC_ENV using the script.

Intended usage

export GLEXEC_ENV=``
/opt/glite/sbin/glexec -- <YOUR-COMMAND>

(Making) Exception

By default the following environment variables are NOT unwrapped:

  • HOME
  • USER
  • _ (yes that's '_' !)

This set of environment variables must kept relative to the active user account. The X509_USER_PROXY and the HOME variables are set explicitly to values that are appropriate to the mapped user account.

A user can add more env vars to be excluded using either

--exclude=A --exclude=B




Example 1:

export GLEXEC_ENV=` --exclude=MYVAR`
/opt/glite/sbin/glexec -- <YOUR-COMMAND>

Example 2:

export GLEXEC_ENV=``
/opt/glite/sbin/glexec --exclude=MYVAR -- <YOUR-COMMAND>

Example 3:

export GLEXEC_ENV=` --exclude=MYVAR`
/opt/glite/sbin/glexec -- <YOUR-COMMAND>