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Multi User Pilot Job with CE & WN

gLExec is a program that acts as a light-weight 'gatekeeper'. gLExec takes Grid credentials as input. gLExec takes the local site policy into account to authenticate and authorize the credentials. gLExec will switch to a new execution sandbox and execute the given command as the switched identity. gLExec is also capable of functioning as a light-weight control point which offers a binary yes/no result called the logging-only mode.

Current gLExec version

The latest stable version released through gLite 0.8.1, via EMI: 0.8.10.

Latest version available: 0.8.10

Deployment: Installation and setups

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How To's and FAQ

  • To help you master gLExec's security:

To help you adapt or rebuild gLExec

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Background information