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Master's Theses

Please use reverse chronological order (per University)

Date Name Title Supervisor University
2022-12 W. Rijk Unsupervised Anomaly Detection of Quenched Jets with the LSTM and OC-SVM M. Verweij, F. de Almeida Dias UvA/VU
2022-11 N. Runge Studies for KM3NeT-ORCA Performance for Dark Matter Detection S. du Pree, P. de Jong UvA/VU
2022-08 N. Koster Feasibility study of Ω++ detection in proton-proton ccc

collisions with ALICE 3 using Strangeness Tracking

P. Christakoglou, H. Snoek UvA/VU
2022-08 J. Groot Probing CP-Violating New Physics in Bd0 →φKS andBs0 →φφ R. Fleischer UvA/VU
2022-08 C. Tsolanta Characterisation and Time resolution measurements of the RD50-MPW2 monolithic silicon pixel sensor J. Sonneveld UvA/VU
2022-08 M. Arkin Modelling aperture effects in optical cavities A. Freise UvA/VU
2022-08 M. Janssen Characterizing Trench-Isolated Low Gain Avalanche Diodes (TI-LGADs) M. van Beuzekom, K. Akiba, A.P. Colijn UvA/VU
2022-07 M.L.E. Heidotting Towards a Muon Tomography System for Spent Nuclear Fuel J.M. Sonneveld, M. Fransen UvA/VU
2022-07 M.N. Stapel Probing Hadronic CP Violation with Paramagnetic Electric Dipole Moment Experiments J. de Vries UvA/VU
2022-07 B. Matthaei Searching for the Chiral Magnetic Effect in Pb-Pb collisions at √sNN = 5.02 TeV using the Signed Balance Function P. Christakoglou, R. Feischer UvA/VU
2022-07 C. van der Stappen Acoustic Neutrino Reconstruction Using Matched Filtering E.J. Buis, I. van Vulpen UvA/VU
2022-07 A.C. Sidley Λ0b → Λ0l+l− at high-q2 N. Tuning, M. Senghi-Soares UvA/VU
2022-07 F.E. Pennartz Measurement of the fine-structure constant with Positronium annihilation A.P. Colijn UvA/VU
2022-07 M. Rustenburg From microscopic symmetries to a macroscopic toy Universe J. de Vries UvA/VU
2022-07 F. Haslbeck Simultaneous SMEFT interpretation of the signal and backgrounds in the

V H, H →b ̄b analysis and ATLAS DSS during the start of LHC Run 3

T. du Pree, F. de Almeida Dias UvA/VU
2022-07 C. Fuselli Beta decays in XENONnT M.P. Decowski, A.P. Colijn UvA/VU
2022-01 K. Weerman Non-thermal production of Dark Matter during preheating after multifield inflation via a non- minimally coupled gauge singlet scalar M. Postma, C. Weniger UvA/VU
2022-10 Olaf Massen To the Standard Model and beyond; A theoretical and experimental study of Leptoquark phenomenology and its traces in LFV B → τμ decays in theory and with LHCb R.J.M. Snellings, A. Grelli, J. de Vries, M. Lucio Martinez UU
2022-07 Maurice Jongerhuis Performance study of future Λ0b production with ALICE3 P. Christakoglou, M. Verweij UU
2022-08 Kolja Kuijpers Constructing and bounding the solutions of Quantum Gravity with the Event Horizon Telescope Frank Saueressig RU Nijmegen
2022-08 Finn ten Hove Putting a stop to searches for supersymmetric particles Wim Beenakker, M.C. van Beekveld, Cristina Galea RU Nijmegen
2022-08 Luc Builtjes Optimising Neural Networks for Classification of tttt-Events in the LHC Sascha Caron / Bob Stienen RU Nijmegen
2022-08 Stefan de Wit Decoupling Heavy Fermions in the Scalar Sector:  Choosing an Appropriate Renormalization Scheme Wim Beenakker RU Nijmegen
2022-06 Brian Mc Gloughlin Gravitational Waves from Newly Born Magnetars Beatrice Bonga RU Nijmegen
2022-06 Inge van Rens Spectral slope as a measure for Xmax Charles Timmermans RU Nijmegen
2022-06 Brian McGloughlin Gravitational Waves from Newly Born Magnetars Badri Krishnan / Béatrice Bonga RU Nijmegen
2022-06 Maikel Magnée Alternative models matched to the data of GW150914 Badri Krishnan / Béatrice Bonga RU Nijmegen
2022-04 Henk Brans Cherenkov-Ring Energy Estimation Charles Timmermans RU Nijmegen
2021-07 Alessa Brignoli Characterization of the electrostatic Radon Monitor in XAMS S. Bruenner, A.P. Colijn UvA/VU
2021-08 Marcel Yanez Reyes A study of the Infrared structure of Non Abelian Gauge theories E. Laenen UvA/VU
2021-07 Max Jaarsma Calculating Parton Distributions from First Principles W. Waalewijn UvA/VU
2021-07 Maricke Flierman The Electroweak Phase Transition: an investigation of a first-order phase transition with an additional real scalar singlet field M. Postma, E. Laenen UvA/VU
2021-07 Tjip Bischoff The Nikhef two photon absorption setup H. Snoek UvA/VU
2021-07 Anastasios Papadopoulos Beauty Λ production in ALICE with the upgraded ITS P. Christakoglou, I. van Vulpen UvA/VU
2021-07 Pepijn Clarijs Optimizing an Artificial Neural Network for the Measurement of H → bb-bar

with the ATLAS Detector at the Large Hadron Collider

T. du Pree, F. de Almeida Dias UvA/VU
2021-07 Vlad Tanasa Axion Cosmology M. Postma, B. Freivogel UvA/VU
2021-07 Cas van Veen Simulation studies of electron-hadron separation with a preshower detector for ALICE 3 at the LHC M. van Leeuwen, H. Snoek UvA/VU
2021-06 Joey Staa Modelling the chiral magnetic effect in heavy-ion collisions through the AVFD framework P. Christakoglou, R. Fleischer UvA/VU
2021-06 Zhuoran Feng Search for H → cc-bar and exclusive charm tagging T. du Pree, W. Verkerke UvA/VU
2021-06 Pablo Guillem Fernandez Rare Semileptonic Decays of B Mesons Exploiting SU(3) Flavour Symmetry R. Fleischer UvA/VU
2021-06 Barbara Paetsch Signal reconstruction in XENONnT M.P. Decowski UvA/VU
2021-05 Maarten Hammer Performance test of the KM3NeT track reconstruction software on ANTARES Monte Carlo data M. de Jong, P. de Jong UvA/VU
2021-03 Wouter Schreuder Exploring applications of machine learning to jet discrimination W. Waalewijn UvA/VU
2021-02 Leonora Verveld Particle detection through

proportional scintillation in liquid xenon

S. Bruenner, A.P. Colijn UvA/VU
2021-01 Annabel Wolf Optical System Design of the Einstein Telescope Pathfinder F. Linde, A.P. Colijn UvA/VU
2021-01 Amber van Keeken Charge-dependent two-particle correlations for unidentifi?ed charged particles in Xe-Xe collisions at √sNN = 5.44 TeV P. Christakoglou UU
2021-07 Loek Meijers Feasibility Study on the reconstruction of heavy neutral D-mesons with data collected by the ALICE detector at CERN LHC A. Grelli, H. Zanoli UU
2021-12 Willem van der Feltz Master coupling to two-dimensional Causal Dynamical Triangulations Renate Loll / Joren Brunekreef / Claus Kiefer RU Nijmegen
2021-12 Dirk van Buul Black hole formation in AdS3 Timothy Budd RU Nijmegen
2021-11 Tom de Wilt A Diagrammatic Approach to Amplitude Unitarity in the Electroweak Theory Ronald Kleis RU Nijmegen
2021-10 Camille van Speybroeck Implementation of low-field permanent magnet Halbach array MRI Mengqing WU / A.G. Webb RU Nijmegen
2021-9 Joost Remie Calculating Love numbers using black hole perturbation theory Béatrice Bonga RU Nijmegen
2021-9 Djamel van der Sluis Statistics of spatial geometries in Causal Dynamical Triangulations in 2+1 dimensions Timothy Budd RU Nijmegen
2021-9 Chris van den Oetelaar Localisation and classification of gamma-ray sources using neural networks Sascha Caron RU Nijmegen
2021-8 Bren Schaap Renormalization of Factorially Divergent Series: Quantum Field Theory in Zero Dimensions Ronald Kleis RU Nijmegen
2021-8 Wouter Oosters Asumptotically Safe Fermions On Curved Backgrounds Frank Saueressig RU Nijmegen
2021-8 Guus Reijns The role of renormalization schemes in the context of the SM Hierarchy Problem Wim Beenakker RU Nijmegen
2021-7 Bart Zonneveld A Local Vacuum in De Sitter Space Wim Beenakker / David Venhoek RU Nijmegen
2021-7 Sam Pirlo On the Quantum Effective Action of Gravity Coupled to Scalar and Abelian Gauge Fields Frank Saueressig RU Nijmegen
2021-6 Stefan Krieg Diagrammatic derivation of the BCJ indentity Ronald Kleis RU Nijmegen
2021-3 Ludo van Alst Deep learming for segmentation and classification of Wilms' tumours Nicolo de Groot RU Nijmegen
2021-3 Tom Draper Asymptotically Safe Amplitudes Frank Saueressig / Benjamin Knorr / Chris Ripken RU Nijmegen
2021-2 Daniël Kok Building a quantum kNN classifier with Qiskit: theoretical gains put to practice Sascha Caron / Sydney Otten RU Nijmegen

Date Name Title Supervisor University
2020-7 Thijs Miedema Stopping Muons at ProtoDUNE Frank Filthaut RU Nijmegen
2020-7 Jeremy de Wit Comparisons of computational tools for the muon anomalous magnetic moment within the pMSSM Wim Beenakker/Melissa van Beekveld/Marrit Schutten RU Nijmegen
2020-7 Remco Volmer Anomaly detection at the ATLAS detector using a Variational Autoencoder Sascha Caron RU Nijmegen
2020-7 Jesse Daas Fermions in the Asymptotic Safety Program Frank Saueressig RU Nijmegen
2020-1 Jochem Kip The unitarity spontaneously broken SU(2) theory Ronald Kleis RU Nijmegen
2020-01 Lieke van Dijk Branching ratio calculations for B0s → µ+µ− Wim Beenakker, Melissa van Beekveld, Marrit Schutten RU Nijmegen
2020-12 Kerwin Buijsman Generating glitches similar to glitches observed by LIGO and Virgo using Wasserstein Generative Adversial Network with Gradient Penalty S.E. Caudill UvA/VU
2020-10 Anders Rehult Linking the B-physics Anomalies and Muon g - 2—A Phenomenological Study Beyond the Standard Model R. Fleischer UvA/VU
2020-9 Clara Gatius OIiver Acoustic signals from ultra high energy cosmic neutrinos R. Bruijn, E.J. Buis UvA/VU
2020-8 Yoran Yeh CP Violating New Physics in QCD Penguin Diagrams for B-Decays R. Fleischer UvA/VU
2020-8 Jeannine de Kuijper Extracting Hadronic Parameters from Branching Ratios in Non-Leptonic D Decays R. Fleischer UvA/VU
2020-8 Sumedha Biswas Detecting Primordial Black Holes with Gravitational Waves S.E. Caudill UvA/VU
2020-8 Bram Hoonhout Improving Higgs decay width measurement using off-shell interference in gg(→H*)→ZZ→llνν H.L. Snoek, I. van Vulpen UvA/VU
2020-7 Lucas de Vries Deep Neural Networks for Position Reconstruction in XENON1T M.P. Decowski UvA/VU
2020-6 Gijs Leguijt Variance reduced monte-carlo simulation for neutrons in XENON A.P. Colijn UvA/VU
2020-6 Vlad Dedu Measurement of the branching ratio Lambda_b -> J/Psi Lambda N. Tuning UvA/VU
2020-2 Ester Abram Seeing LISA from a different angle N. van Bakel, E.J. Buis UvA/VU
2020-11 Marten Barel Controlling penguin contributions to CP violation in B⁰→J/ψX decays R. Fleischer, P. Christakoglou, R.J.M. Snellings UU
2020-09 Bas Hofman Angular analysis of the decay B0→K ∗0 J/ψ(→ e+e−) W. Hulsbergen, M.Lucio Martinez, R.J.M. Snellings (examined) UU
2020-06 Olivier Kesber Variance reduction techniques for Monte Carlo simulations of photon transport in liquid xenon detectors A.P. Colijn UU
2020-01 Floris Jonkman Charm baryon production at central rapidity in proton-proton collisions at centre-of-mass energy of 13 TeV P. Christakoglou, D. Caffarri UU

Date Name Title Supervisor University
2019 Paul Renes The description of high-energy electromagnetic cascades in a highly granular digital calorimeter Thomas Peitzmann, Marco Spruit, Naomi van der Kolk UU
2019 Stan Oomen Measurement of charged D∗+ meson production in Pb-Pb collisions in 60-80% centrality with the ALICE detector at CERN Alessandro Grelli, Raimond Snellings, Andre Mischke UU
2019 Thomas Mons The modulation experiment: searching for trends in radioactive decays Auke Pieter Colijn UU
12-Dec-19 Davey Oogjes Track reconstruction of cosmic muons in the XENON1T muon veto Patrick Decowski UvA/VU
25-Oct-19 Max Briel Muonic event reconstuction in KM3NeT-ORCA Ronald Bruijn UvA/VU
8-Oct-19 Gabriel Koole Probing New Physics effects in Leptonic and Semileptonic D meson decays Robert Fleischer UvA/VU
23-Aug-19 Peter Bosch Going Three Dimensional. Characterisation of a 3D sensor on a Timepix3 ASIC Niels van Bakel UvA/VU
22-Aug-19 Thijs Dieperink Supersymmetric neutralino Dark Matter search using machine learning techniques with the ATLAS detector Paul de Jong UvA/VU
26-Jul-19 Iris de Ruiter Incorporating machine learning algorithms that provide information on noise features in the search for compact binary coalescence Sarah Caudill UvA/VU
26-Jul-19 Marnix Heikamp Constructing and Implementing a Template Bank with Precessing Waveforms in the Search For Gravitational Waves Sarah Caudill UvA/VU
24-Jul-19 Valeriia Lukashenko Long lived heavy neutrinos in W ± → μ± μ± jet decays Wouter Hulsbergen UvA/VU
13-Jul-19 Alvaro Loya Villalpando Characterization of Silicon Photomultipliers for Event Position Reconstruction in a Dual-Phase Xenon Time Projection Chamber Auke-Pieter Colijn UvA/VU
12-Jul-19 Bouke Jung The effect of decreasing PMT gains on event reconstruction in KamLAND-Zen Patrick Decowski UvA/VU
3-Jul-19 Brendan Mans Directed Flow of Λ in Mid-Central Pb-Pb Collisions at √sNN = 5.02 TeV with ALICE Panos Christakoglou UvA/VU
19-Jun-19 Lizette Lammers Neutral Meson and Jet Reconstruction in Heavy Ion Physics Thomas Peitzmann UvA/VU
23-Mar-19 Maarten Post "KM3NNeT" A neural network for triggering and classifying raw KM3NeT data Ronald Bruijn UvA/VU
27-Feb-19 Manuel Wierda Charm production in proton-nuclear collisions at the LHC and constraining the small-x gluon in a nuclear NNPDF analysis Juan Rojo UvA/VU
2019 Tim Voeten Title Sascha Caron RU Nijmegen
2019 Inge van Rens simulations with GANs Sascha Caron RU Nijmegen
2019 Chris van den Oetelaar Title Sascha Caron RU Nijmegen
2019-09 Joep Leenaarts Calculating splitting functions, using local gauges Ronald Kleiss RU Nijmegen
2019-07 Lando Bosma Towards resolving singularities in Asymptotic Safety Benjamin Knorr, Frank Saueressig RU Nijmegen
2019-06 Derryk Schieck N = 4 supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory and its deformations a functional renormalisation approach Frank Saueressig RU Nijmegen
2019-04 Berend Visser Observers in Curved-Spacetime Quantum Field Theory Wim Beenakker RU Nijmegen
2019-03 Arthur Vereijken Relating different regularization schemes in Functional Renormalization Frank Saueressig RU Nijmegen

Date Name Title Supervisor University
2018 M. Tervoert First observation of the decay Lb->Dsp L.J. Bel, N. Tuning, A. Mischke, A. Grelli UU
2018 P.W. Gaemers D*+ Meson Nuclear Modification Factor in Pb-Pb collisions at √sNN = 5.02 TeV A. Grelli, A. Mischke UU
2018-08-28 Mike Eijbersen Acquisition strategies and MR Physics of imaging (hyperpolarized) molecules exploiting large chemical shift differences molecules exploiting large chemical shift differences Nicolo de Groot RU Nijmegen
2018-11-22 Misha Fedorov On the physical beam aperture in the Muon Ionisation Cooling Experiment Frank Filthaut RU Nijmegen
2018-04-18 Rowan Zaki The Long Baseline Neutrino Facility (LBNF); Beamline optimization & Spectrometer design Frank Filthaut RU Nijmegen
2018-08-29 Sjoerd Ypma Search for the perfect variable to find new physics in pp collisions at √s= 13 TeV. Sascha Caron RU Nijmegen
2018-08-23 Jonas Wuerzinger Scanning the phenomenological MSSM - Re-evaluating the ATLAS experiment’s sensitivity to Supersymmetry with LHC Run 2 data in a dedicated 3rd generation squarks scan Sascha Caron RU Nijmegen
2018-08-02 Levi Sleegers Using Countercurrent electromigration to enrich calcium 48 Nicolo de Groot RU Nijmegen
2018-12-31 Sjors Heefer Advancements on the covariance of the k-Poincare model and Relative Locality", titel master scriptie Obster: "Exploring the Canonical Tensor Model G. Gubitosi/Renate Loll RU Nijmegen
2018-07-02 Renz Bakx Het experimenteel bepalen van een massalimiet voor neutralino's Wim Beenakker RU Nijmegen
2018-08-30 Joris van der Ven Calculation of the gluino corrections to the Higgs mass in the MSSM - Implications for the hierarchy problem Wim Beenakker RU Nijmegen
2018-09-12 Dennis Obster The Canonical Tensor Model, spaces and symmetries Renate Loll RU Nijmegen
2018-11-01 Camiel Pieterse Dark Matter with KM3NeT Wim Beenakker/Sasch Caron RU Nijmegen
2018-07-15 Robin Ooijer A complete cosmic history from Asymptotic Safety Frank Saueressig RU Nijmegen
2018-08-31 Kathinka Frieswijk Infrared Triangles Everywhere. D. Roest RUG
2018-08-31 Jolien Diekema Higher order derivative gravitational theories in the metric and Palatini formalisms D. Roest RUG
2018-08-31 Hilbrand Kuindersma Detecting Muons at LHCb Upgrade Conditions C.J.G. Onderwater RUG
2018-06-29 Melvin van den Bout Renormalization Group Equations and Predictions for New Higgs Inflation M. Postma UvA/VU
2018-06-22 Stephen Runderkamp Investigating post-LHC hadronic interaction models and their predictions of cosmic ray shower observables M.P. Decowski UvA/VU
2018-08-30 Katherine Mc Ewan Neutron Detection Using a Small Dual-Phase Liquid Xenon TPC and a Liquid Organic Scintillator A.P. Colijn UvA/VU
2018-06-28 Sizar Aziz Mixed harmonics in QGP traces P. Christakoglou UvA/VU
2018-08-22 Giovanni Banelli Indirect search of new physics through rare B decays involving tau leptons R. Fleischer UvA/VU
2018-07-03 Jordy Butter Determining the branching fraction of B0 -> Pi Ds N. Tuning UvA/VU
2018-08-28 Aidan Kelly Study of the sensitivity of the ATLAS experiment to constrain the Higgs coupling to b-quarks I. van Vulpen UvA/VU
2018-06-26 Rasa Muller Hydrophone characterization for the KM3NeT experiment R. Bruijn UvA/VU
2018-09-29 Athul Muralidhar Study of oscillons in 1+1D with a gentle introduction to multi- component oscillon models M. Postma UvA/VU
2018-07-17 Jasper Nobelen On the modulations of radioactive decay A.P. Colijn UvA/VU
2018-09-26 Michiel Rollier Finding Echoes: The characterisation of gravitational-wave echoes and the investigation of a morphology-independent data analysis method C. Van Den Broeck UvA/VU
2018-09-28 Jordan Seneca Models of Particle Signatures in KM3NeT ORCA R. Bruijn UvA/VU
2018-07-17 Mitch Vonk Machine Learning in XENON1T's search for dark matter M.P. Decowski UvA/VU
2018-07-17 Lieselotte de Waardt Signatures of cosmic ray interactions in the KM3NeT neutrino detector R. Bruijn UvA/VU
2018-08-02 Steven Zindel Balancefunction analysis at the LHC on run 2 data P. Christakoglou UvA/VU
2018-12-21 Manuel Wierda Charm production in proton-nuclear collisions at the LHC and constraining the small-x gluon in a nuclear NNPDF analysis J. Rojo UvA/VU

Date Name Title Supervisor University
2017 K.D. van Teutem PMT calibrations and radon measurements in a liquid xenon time projection chamber A.P. Colijn, E. Hogenbirk UU
2017-09-05 Manon Verra Feasibility and Quality Assessment of Model-based Respiratory Motion Compensation in Positron Emission Tomography Andre Mischke UU
2017-08-23 Luuk Vermunt Open heavy-flavour production in high-energy proton-proton and nucleus-nucleus collisions at CERN-LHC energies Andre Mischke UU
2017-02-01 Lennart van Doremalen Beauty of the Quark Gluon Plasma Prospect for B0 measurement in ALICE Andre Mischke UU
2017-04-21 G. S. P. Wiersema Using the B0 → K±π ∓ channel as normalization in the search for the charged lepton flavor violating B0 (s) → e ±µ ∓ decay C.J.G. Onderwater RUG
2017-07-31 S. van der Woude Radiative Symmetry Breaking in minimal Conformally Invariant extensions of the Standard Model D. Boer RUG
2017-07-31 J. Heit Exploring GPU-Computing to Accellerate Vertex Finding in Particle Physics C.J.G. Onderwater RUG
2017-07-31 D.R. Löke The scalar spectrum of non-Abelian gauge theories below the conformal window E. Pallante RUG
2017-07-31 D.D. Rouwhorst Equivalence between the Bender–Wu method and the quantum normal form method E. Pallante RUG
2017-11-11 M.J. Veen A fast tool to predict peaking and semi-peaking backgrounds in two body decay processes C.J.G. Onderwater RUG
2017-11-11 J.R.E. Baarslag A fast simulation model for mass spectrum shapes of particle decays in high-energy physics experiments C.J.G. Onderwater RUG
2017-11-23 J. Ellen Varying constants and the search for physics beyond the Standard Model A. Borschevsky RUG
2017-11-23 I. Bouisaghouane The Schrodinger method for Large-Scale Structure D. Roest and R. vd Weygaert RUG
2017-11-23 T. Meijknecht Narrow linewidth lasers to drive narrow Ba+ ion transitions L. Willmann RUG
2017-12-19 K.J.D. Hakvoort The equivalence between second-order, Ostrogradsky-free (Galileon) Lagrangians and regular first-order theories D. Roest and H. Waalkens RUG
2017-??-?? K. Dirksen Unifying Conformal Gravity and the Standard Model of particle physics E. Pallante RUG
2017-10-09 Laurens Verhoeven Lepton Flavor Violating Higgs Robert Fleischer UvA/VU
2017-08-30 Eleftheria Malami CP Violation in B^0→ pi^0 K_S As A Probe of New Physics Robert Fleischer UvA/VU
2017-08-23 Bram Schermer Understanding the time-over-threshold behaviour of KM3NeT photo-multipliers Ronald Bruijn UvA/VU
2017-07-26 Jonathan Mo Quark/gluon jets discrimination using thrust at NNLL Wouter Waalewijn UvA/VU
2017-07-01 Bas Jongewaard Effect of detector angular resolution and surface area on the accuracy of pinpointing the neutrino signal Aart Heijboer UvA/VU
2017-07-01 Arjen Wildeboer XENON1T Threshold Analysis Patrick Decowski UvA/VU
2017-06-30 Joran Angevaare Search for modulations on in the decay rate of radioactive sources Auke-Pieter Colijn UvA/VU
2017-06-26 F.M. Springer Symmetries of the Standard Model Piet Mulders UvA/VU
2017-06-15 Wesley Poland Opportunities for iodine-agent dose reduction with Medipix3RX Spectral X-ray Els Koffeman UvA/VU
2017-03-10 Eline Wieldraaijer Characterization of photomultiplier tubes using a laser setup and muon energy reconstruction for ORCA based on the length of the track Dorothea Samtleben UvA/VU
2017-03-01 John Hoang Characterization of Silicon PhotoMultipliers for the Cherenkov Telescope Array David Berge UvA/VU
2017-01-31 Dimitra Andreou Development of a testing system for the Silicon Pixel Detectors of the Inner Tracking System of ALICE Paul de Jong UvA/VU
2017-09-01 Wouter Houthoff Safe Spheres and where to find them Frank Saueressig RU Nijmegen
2017-06-28 Jorn Biemans Renormalization group flows of gravity and gravity-matter systems on foliated spacetimes Frank Saueressig RU Nijmegen
2017-03-16 Oscar Boher Luna The Abelian Higgs Model: Unitarity in the unitary gauge Ronald Kleiss RU Nijmegen
2017-01-27 Alex Campà Searching for Dark Matter gamma-ray signals from dwarf spheroidal galaxies with Fermi-LAT data Sascha Caron RU Nijmegen
2017-01-12 Ruud Peeters Experimental and Theoretical (Fine-Tuning) Constraints on pMSSM Models Sascha Caron RU Nijmegen

Date Name Title Supervisor University
9 Feb 2016 Melissa van Beekveld Possible Indirect Detection of Dark Matter and its impact on LHC Supersymmetry searches Sascha Caron and Wim Beenakker RU Nijmegen
18 Jul 2016 Fleur Versteegen Quantum Gravity corrections to the Unruh effect Frank Saueressig RU Nijmegen
26 Aug 2016 Han van der Pluijm 'On the interpretation of the quantum wave function' Ronald Kleiss RU Nijmegen
9 Sept 2016 Daphne van den Elzen The link between a vacuum diagram and the renormalization group equation Wim Beenakker RU Nijmegen
3 Nov 2016 Milo Vermeulen. Calcium Enrichment for the Study of Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay Nicolo de Groot RU Nijmegen
15 Dec 2016 David Venhoek Quantum vacua in curved spacetime Wim Beenakker RU Nijmegen
24 Nov 2016 Bob Stienen SUSY-AI Sascha Caron RU Nijmegen
1 Sept 2016 Antonio Condorelli Selftrigger of Radio Signals from Cosmic Rays in Pierre Auger Charles Timmermans together with University of Catania RU Nijmegen
5 Dec 2015 Luc Hendriks A description of the Galactic Center excess in the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model Sascha Caron (with Bram Achterberg, Astro) RU Nijmegen
27 Aug 2015 Gillian Lustermans The Landau-Yang theorem in Quantum Chromodynamics W.J.P. Beenakker, R.H.P. Kleiss RU Nijmegen
31 Aug 2015 Jelmer van Amen General Search in ATLAS Sascha Caron RU Nijmegen
31 Mar 2015 Jeroen Schouwenberg Missing momentum reconstruction at Level 1 with a Kalman Filter Sascha Caron RU Nijmegen
31 Oct 2015 Chris Ripken Curvature on the noncommutative tangent bundle Ronald Kleiss and Wim Beenakker RU Nijmegen
Dec 1, 2016 M. Roelfs On the eigenvalue distribution of the SYK model K.Papadodimas RUG
Sep 19, 2016 R. Kappert Electron identification efficiency in Bs0 -> emu C.J.G. Onderwater RUG
Sep 15, 2016 J. Hussels Molecular hyperfine structure and the electron EDM S. Hoekstra RUG
Aug 1, 2016 J.G. Bakker Towards an effective field theory for proton decay R.G.E. Timmermans RUG
Aug 1, 2016 F. Oosterhof Neutron-antineutron oscillations in chiral perturbation theory (Lorentz prize Theoretical Physics 2015/16) R.G.E. Timmermans RUG
Mar, 2016 L. L. Robroek Framing the Conformal Window E. Pallante RUG
2016 K. van der Schoor Electronic structure of element 123 A. Borschevsky RUG
Aug 30, 2016 T. van Daalen Bridging the Mass Gap - Probing Compressed Electroweak Supersymmetry at the Large Hadron Collider W. Verkerke UvA/VU
Aug 24, 2016 R.L. Jaarsma New Strategy to Extract the CP-violating Phase phi_s from Bs → K-K+ R. Fleischer UvA/VU
Aug 12, 2016 J.M. Goldstein Reliability of the Parameterised Test of General Relativity on GW150914 and GW151226 C. Van Den Broeck UvA/VU
Jul 24, 2016 J.S. Sinninghe Damsté Next-to-soft techniques in collider physics E.L.M.P. Laenen UvA/VU
Jul 15, 2016 R. Albers Event shapes in electron-positron annihilation at NNLO accuracy E.L.M.P. Laenen UvA/VU
Jul 14, 2016 D. Schenk Study of Modulations in Radioactive Decay A.P. Colijn UvA/VU
Jul 7, 2016 A. Topçuoğlu CUDA-Based Trigger System For The XENON Experiment M.P. Decowski UvA/VU
Jul 2, 2016 J.B. Zonneveld Dependence of B meson fragmentation fraction ratio fs/fd on centre-of-mass energy I. van Vulpen UvA/VU
Jun 28, 2016 C. Ligtenberg Scattering of polarised W bosons: Measuring the polarised W bosons - Higgs coupling with ATLAS using charged lepton observables B. van Eijk UvA/VU
Jun 23, 2016 M.M.A. Dietze Proton Radiography: Prototype Development Towards Clinical Application E. Koffeman UvA/VU
Jun 16, 2016 M.A. Pronk The Higgs boson coupling to polarised W bosons in vector boson fusion B. van Eijk UvA/VU
May 8, 2016 T. Klaver Construction and analysis of a proton radiography setup using Timepix based time projection chambers for tracking E. Koffeman UvA/VU
Jan 31, 2016 J.P. Veenkamp A Precision Optical Calibration Module for IceCube-Gen2 M.P. Decowski UvA/VU
Oct 21, 2015 P.J.C. Bakker Search for charged lepton flavor violating Z → τe decays with the ATLAS detector O. Igonkina UvA/VU
Oct 8, 2015 R. Hutten Prototype Data Analysis of the KM3NeT Neutrino Telescope P. Kooijman UvA/VU
Sept 23, 2015 M.L. Muusse Astroparticle physics at the LHC - Dark matter search in ATLAS D. Berge UvA/VU
Aug 28, 2015 S. Vogel Calculations of jet substructure W. Waalewijn UvA/VU
Aug 26, 2015 P.M. Zuidberg dos Mártires An Exploratory Study of LHCf-triggered Events at ATLAS D. Berge UvA/VU
Aug 11, 2015 J. Hulsman Analysis on the Muon Track Reconstruction with the PPM-DU P. Kooijman UvA/VU