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Master's Theses

Date Name Title Supervisor University
27 Augustus 2015 Gillian Lustermans The Landau-Yang theorem in Quantum Chromodynamics W.J.P. Beenakker, R.H.P. Kleiss RU Nijmegen
9 February 2016 Melissa van Beekveld Possible Indirect Detection of Dark Matter and its impact on LHC Supersymmetry searches Sascha Caron and Wim Beenakker RU Nijmegen
18-07-2016 Fleur Versteegen Quantum Gravity corrections to the Unruh effect Frank Saueressig RU Nijmegen
26 augustus 2016 Han van der Pluijm 'On the interpretation of the quantum wave function' Ronald Kleiss RU Nijmegen
9 September 2016 Daphne van den Elzen The link between a vacuum diagram and the renormalization group equation Wim Beenakker RU Nijmegen
3 November 2016 Milo Vermeulen. Calcium Enrichment for the Study of Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay Nicolo de Groot RU Nijmegen
15 December 2016 David Venhoek Quantum vacua in curved spacetime Wim Beenakker RU Nijmegen
12 Januari 2017 Ruud Peeters Experimental and Theoretical (Fine-Tuning) Constraints on pMSSM Models Sascha Caron RU Nijmegen
2016 Bob Stienen SUSY-AI Sascha Caron RU Nijmegen
5 december 2015 Luc Hendriks A description of the Galactic Center excess in the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model Sascha Caron (with Bram Achterberg, Astro) RU Nijmegen
2016 Antonio Condorelli Selftrigger of Radio Signals from Cosmic Rays in Pierre Auger Charles Timmermans together with University of Catania RU Nijmegen
2015 Jelmer van Amen General Search in ATLAS Sascha Caron RU Nijmegen
2015 Jeroen Schouwenberg Missing momentum reconstruction at Level 1 with a Kalman Filter Sascha Caron RU Nijmegen
Chris Ripken Oct. 2015 Curvature on the noncommutative tangent bundle Ronald Kleiss and Wim Beenakker RU Nijmegen
Dec 1, 2016 M. Roelfs On the eigenvalue distribution of the SYK model K.Papadodimas RUG
Sep 19, 2016 R. Kappert Electron identification efficiency in Bs0 -> emu C.J.G. Onderwater RUG
Sep 15, 2016 J. Hussels Molecular hyperfine structure and the electron EDM S. Hoekstra RUG
Aug 1, 2016 J.G. Bakker Towards an effective field theory for proton decay R.G.E. Timmermans RUG
Aug 1, 2016 F. Oosterhof Neutron-antineutron oscillations in chiral perturbation theory (Lorentz prize Theoretical Physics 2015/16) R.G.E. Timmermans RUG
Aug 30, 2016 T. van Daalen Bridging the Mass Gap - Probing Compressed Electroweak Supersymmetry at the Large Hadron Collider W. Verkerke UvA/VU
Aug 24, 2016 R.L. Jaarsma New Strategy to Extract the CP-violating Phase phi_s from Bs → K-K+ R. Fleischer UvA/VU
Aug 12, 2016 J.M. Goldstein Reliability of the Parameterised Test of General Relativity on GW150914 and GW151226 C. Van Den Broeck UvA/VU
Jul 24, 2016 J.S. Sinninghe Damsté Next-to-soft techniques in collider physics E.L.M.P. Laenen UvA/VU
Jul 15, 2016 R. Albers Event shapes in electron-positron annihilation at NNLO accuracy E.L.M.P. Laenen UvA/VU
Jul 14, 2016 D. Schenk Study of Modulations in Radioactive Decay A.P. Colijn UvA/VU
Jul 7, 2016 A. Topçuoğlu CUDA-Based Trigger System For The XENON Experiment M.P. Decowski UvA/VU
Jul 2, 2016 J.B. Zonneveld Dependence of B meson fragmentation fraction ratio fs/fd on centre-of-mass energy I. van Vulpen UvA/VU
Jun 28, 2016 C. Ligtenberg Scattering of polarised W bosons: Measuring the polarised W bosons - Higgs coupling with ATLAS using charged lepton observables B. van Eijk UvA/VU
Jun 23, 2016 M.M.A. Dietze Proton Radiography: Prototype Development Towards Clinical Application E. Koffeman UvA/VU
Jun 16, 2016 M.A. Pronk The Higgs boson coupling to polarised W bosons in vector boson fusion B. van Eijk UvA/VU
May 8, 2016 T. Klaver Construction and analysis of a proton radiography setup using Timepix based time projection chambers for tracking E. Koffeman UvA/VU
Jan 31, 2016 J.P. Veenkamp A Precision Optical Calibration Module for IceCube-Gen2 M.P. Decowski UvA/VU
Oct 21, 2015 P.J.C. Bakker Search for charged lepton flavor violating Z → τe decays with the ATLAS detector O. Igonkina UvA/VU
Oct 8, 2015 R. Hutten Prototype Data Analysis of the KM3NeT Neutrino Telescope P. Kooijman UvA/VU
Sept 23, 2015 M.L. Muusse Astroparticle physics at the LHC - Dark matter search in ATLAS D. Berge UvA/VU
Aug 28, 2015 S. Vogel Calculations of jet substructure W. Waalewijn UvA/VU
Aug 26, 2015 P.M. Zuidberg dos Mártires An Exploratory Study of LHCf-triggered Events at ATLAS D. Berge UvA/VU
Aug 11, 2015 J. Hulsman Analysis on the Muon Track Reconstruction with the PPM-DU P. Kooijman UvA/VU