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Master Thesis Research Projects

The following Master thesis research projects are offered at Nikhef. If you are interested in one of these projects, please contact the coordinator listed with the project. [MORE TO COME!]

The XENON Dark Matter Experiment: Data Analysis

The XENON collaboration is currently operating the XENON100 detector, currently the world’s most sensitive direct detection dark matter experiment. The detector operates at the Gran Sasso underground laboratory and consists of a so-called dual-phase xenon time-projection chamber filled with 160kg of ultra-pure xenon. The detector has been operational for a number of years and data is available for analysis. Our group has an opening for a motivated MSc student to do data-analysis on the detector. The work would consist of understanding the signals that come out of the detector and in particular focus on the so-called double scatter events. We are interested in developing methods in order to understand the response of the detector better. We are developing sophisticated statistical tools in order to do this. Due to the nature of the work, some familiarity with C++ is required.

Contact: Patrick Decowski

XAMS Dark Matter R&D Setup

The Amsterdam Dark Matter group is constructing an R&D xenon detector at Nikhef. The detector is a dual-phase xenon time-projection chamber and will be filled with about 4kg of ultra-pure liquid xenon. We plan to use this detector for the development of new detection techniques (such as utilizing the GridPix chip) and to improve the understanding of the response of liquid xenon to various forms of radiation. The results could be directly used in the XENON experiment, the world’s most sensitive direct detection dark matter experiment at the Gran Sasso underground laboratory. The xenon liquifaction and purification equipment is almost complete and will be tested shortly. We have an opening for an MSc student to help us finish the xenon plant and then, together with engineers and technicians at Nikhef, design, build and test the time-projection chamber. We are looking for someone who is interested in working in a laboratory on high-tech equipment, building the detector in a small group, taking data and analyzing the data him/herself.

Contact: Patrick Decowski