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List of SPIDR boards and chipboards (Lock not public, link to page)

Documentation of SPIDR boards and chipboards (Lock not public, link to page)

Old SPIDR prototypes (ML605 based)

A general purpose readout system is being designed to be able to readout Medipix / Timepix chips. A Xilinx Virtex-6 ML605 Evaluation board is used to test the functionality. The ML605 board can be extended with an board that contains one or more (maximum four) chips that need to be readout.
Currently the Speedy PIxel Detector Readout module (SPIDR) is developed to support up to 4 Medipix-3 chips.
The extension board is connected via the High Pin Count (HPC) FMC connector on the ML605 board (J64).

A first goal is to readout four Medipix-3 chips mounted on a SPIDR board, via 1000BASE-T (1 Gbit Ethernet electrical: RJ45) or 1000BASE-X (1 Gbit Ethernet optical: SFP) using IP/UDP to transport the data. The block diagram below gives an overview of the system:


A separate test design was made to test the MAC and the IP/UD buffers. This design implements "n" FIFO-like channels that encode or decode UDP (Jumbo) packets based on their UDP port number. Unrecognized packets are forwarded unaltered to an "Others" channel that typically connected to a CPU. The MAC implements flow control (Pause Request as defined in IEEE802.3-2008 Annex 31B).Further documentation can be found here: GB Ethernet UDP interface in FPGA

The CPU runs various software components of software, which are all orchestrated at the App layer level. The various software layers can be seen below.


Pictures of the SPIDR board:

spidr1.JPG spidr2.JPG


Relevant Links

ML605 Schematic

ML605 Layout

problems/changes for the spidr board

Medipix collaboration Home Page



January 18 Birth of this web page; SPIDR PCB currently being assembled
April 12 SPIDR PCB testing in progress
April 26 first medipix3.1 wirebonded to SPIDR PCB
April 26 successful readout of chipID!
August 9 display of first frames with SpidrTV (12bit counter only) 4chips at 250Hz

General information

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