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GridPix R&D

TimePix3 GridPix Detectors

TimePix3 GridPix Detectors

Timepix GridPix Detectors

Timepix GridPix Detectors

Before wafer scale production

ChipID Board type Thickness SiRN (Ám) Drift length (mm) Setup Remarks
  DARWIN Relaxd 8 60 Gas gain setup globtop drop on chip (top right)
G05-W0016 DARWIN Relaxd 8 (none) Gas gain setup spare
G04-W0057 DARWIN Relaxd 8 soon 60 Gas gain setup new GridPix for Xe measurements
  NEXT 8 10 EDIT school  
  NEXT 8 (none) EDIT school (intended) FBK DAC broken after discharge
  NEXT 8 1 Gossip test beam setup IZM prototype
  NEXT 8 1 Gossip test beam setup IZM prototype
  NEXT 8 1 Gossip test beam setup IZM prototype
D02-W0019 NEXT 8 16 Proton therapy slightly distorted field cage
  NEXT 8 16 EDIT school originally prepared for Klaus Desch

IZM-2 batch

Put here the experience with the IZM-2 GridPix batch at Nikhef and important conclusions.

Topic Log/PicturesSorted descending Author Posted
Test SRN/Medipix deposition Test of SRN deposition on MPX wafer Yevgen Bilevych 11-6-2012
Test SRN/Medipix deposition (II) New photos of SRN deposition on MPX wafer Yevgen Bilevych 14-6-2012
Study SiRN protection layer; pinholes SiRN layer Martin Fransen 26-3-2012

IZM-3 batch W0056-TPX

Put here the experience with the IZM-3 Gridpix batch at Nikhef and important conclusions.

Topic Log/Pictures Author Posted
Wafer defects and SU-8 profile of the wafer Wafer defects map, SU-8 profile Yevgen Bilevych 26-09-2012
Pics gridpixes from Bonn Pics A, Pics B Wilco Koppert 03-09-2012
H10 (Laser Setup) occupancy plot Wilco Koppert 04-09-2012
E10 (Gossip 1) info Wilco Koppert 21-09-2012
F10 (Gossip 2) occupancy plot Wilco Koppert 21-09-2012
J06 (Gossip 3) occupancy plot, hint? Wilco Koppert 25-09-201
J08 (Gossip 4) info Wilco Koppert 25-09-2012
B06 info    
C06 info    
D10 info    
F04 info    
I06 info    
J02 info    
K04 info    
K06 info    
M06 info    
Testbeam dead chips report Brief Report    
Overview Testbeam Data Overview    
IFAE dead gridpix report report_brokenGridPix    


For the whole batch the wafer ID is W0056-TPX and the SiRN thickness is 8 Ám. The list items are in order of the GelPack from top left to bottom right.

ChipID Board type Drift length (mm) Setup Remarks
D06 DARWIN PCB-A soon 60 Gain measurement setup digital test and THL Equ. OK
J06 ReNext 1 Testbeam setup Gossip 3
J08 ReNext 1 Testbeam setup Gossip 4
E10 ReNext 1 Testbeam setup Gossip 1
F10 ReNext 1 Testbeam setup Gossip 2
H10 ReNext 16 Laser setup long term test at 620 (later 650) V grid voltage

Measuring the height of the amplification gap

Here at Nikhef Fred Hartjes usually uses an optical microscope: focusing on the grid surface and separately on a pixel inside a hole results in a difference of ocular units, 1 unit corresponding to 1.25 micron. Fred, Harry vd Graaf and Wilco Koppert were measuring the gap on several of the IZM-3 chips using this method. They found values of 62 up to 95 micron. Those results would indicate an inaccuracy in the production both in absolute as well as in the spread of achieved heights.

This is why we asked Yevgen Bilevych of what values he found:

  1. There is an SU-8 thickness map automatically generated after the spin coating (thus before the baking), see the SU-8 profile. Although not quite clear why the thickness distribution has this shape (maxima lying at roughly half the radius) it lies in a well-defined region between 56 and 64 micron. According to Yevgen this thickness should even reduce a bit during the final softbaking step. Note the position of the "notch" in the display and the chip coordinates.
  2. In this microscope picture you see a direct measurement of the pillar height of chip H03 (of pillars after stripping the grid) with the help of an optical microscope. The chip H03 lies in the region of higher thickness of 63 to 64 micron in the SU-8 map.
Concluding, two independent measurements indicate a thickness of 65 micron maximum and one estimating a gap height considerably higher which leads us to believe that there may be systematic errors in the (microscopic) focussing method.

-- RolfS - 2012-10-17

Topic attachments
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PDFpdf Darwin_progress-June-2012.pdf manage 671.1 K 2012-06-15 - 09:12 NielsVanBakel Fred Hartjes RD51
PNGpng G1_E10_W0056-10000evts_560Vgrid_760VCath_Sr90_CO2DME_ToT.png manage 388.5 K 2012-09-21 - 17:50 UnknownUser Gossip 1; VGrid=-560V, VCath=-760V, 10000 evts occupancy plot, Sr-90, C02DME (50:50)
PNGpng G2_F10_W0056-10000evts_560Vgrid_760VCath_Sr90_CO2DME_ToT.png manage 354.9 K 2012-09-21 - 17:54 UnknownUser Gossip 2; VGrid=-560V, VCath=-760V, 10000 evts occupancy plot, Sr-90, C02DME (50:50)
PNGpng G3_J06_W0056-2000evts_560Vgrid_760VCath_Sr90_CO2DME_ToT.png manage 347.3 K 2012-09-25 - 15:56 UnknownUser  
PNGpng G4_J08_W0056-2000evts_560Vgrid_760VCath_Sr90_CO2DME_ToT.png manage 367.7 K 2012-09-25 - 16:02 UnknownUser  
JPEGjpg Gossip3.jpg manage 362.9 K 2012-10-11 - 13:04 UnknownUser  
PNGpng H10integral.png manage 261.3 K 2012-09-04 - 14:01 UnknownUser Integral chip H10, 1000 events of 0.1 second, ToT, 480 V grid, CO2 DME (50:50), 600 V Drift field, 2 cm drift gap
PDFpdf IZM-3-E85MXGXpicsA.pdf manage 33144.7 K 2012-09-03 - 14:33 UnknownUser pics IZM 3 series
PDFpdf IZM-3-E85MXGXpicsB.pdf manage 28815.8 K 2012-09-03 - 14:34 UnknownUser pics IZM 3 series
PDFpdf Overview.pdf manage 62.7 K 2012-11-26 - 15:32 UnknownUser Data sets taken at November 2012 test beam @ CERN
PDFpdf Update_Gridpix_production-June2012.pdf manage 2349.9 K 2012-06-15 - 09:10 NielsVanBakel Fred Hartjes RD51
PDFpdf report_brokenGridPix.pdf manage 5331.6 K 2014-11-19 - 23:26 UnknownUser  
PDFpdf testbeam2012.pdf manage 655.3 K 2012-11-26 - 17:37 UnknownUser Overview dead chips testbeam November 2012 @ CERN
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