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Update (NvB): include links to logbooks Matteo, Maria, ET, MT etc. Add Phase camera, LISA QPD, SLM, Virgo QPD,...

MSc students at Nikhef during 'lockdown'

MSc students can only be at Nikhef to do work in a lab:

Mathyn van Dael (Bas S), Laurens Hendrikx (Martin vB), Tjip Bisschoff (Hella S), Christina Tsolanta (Jory S), Stephanie Mendez (Kazu), Marjolein Heidotting (Martin F)

PhD students & PD are also at Nikhef and could be in the lab: Kevin H, Navrit B, Robert G, Yuefan G, Daniela P, Roberto R, Jesse vD, Alexandra , Rob W

Staff: Martin F (Mo & Fri), Jory S (Tu, We, Thu), Niels vB (Tu, Thu), Bas S (Tu, Thu), Martin vB (Mo, Wed)

Lab Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday nnnn
H037 - max 2            
H038 - max 2            
H039 - max 3 Christina Christina, Marjolein, Roberto Roberto Marjolein?, Roberto Laurens, (Kevin), Marjolein(?)  
H040 - max 2 Tjip, (Robbert)   Tjip, (Robbert)   (Robbert)  
MultiSAS - max 1   Mathyn   Mathyn    
Optical lab - max ?            
Si alley lab - max ?            



Name Room Phone number
Niels van Bakel H045 2255
Navrit Bal H042 2000
Martin van Beuzekom H049 2154
Martin Fransen H044 2000
Robbert Geertsema H042 2000
Kevin Heijhoff H042 2000
Roberto Russo H149  
Jory Sonneveld H044 5025
Matteo Tacca H048 2143

Former group members

The list of former group members can be found here


Cryogenic Lab H037  
Detector lab H038  
Detector lab H039  
Laser lab H040  
Cleanroom (Joop/Dimitri)   5178

Planning DR&D group

LockR&D group only

Talks, posters and publications by the group

They can be found in ArticlesAndTalks.

Check Nikhef annual reports (NvB)

Journal club

List of papers for discussion

Information about permanent set-ups in the lab

Documentation of equipment owned by the R&D group

LockEquipment (R&D group only)

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