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Title Author Date Type Subject
Acceleration sensing at the nano-g level: Development and characterisation of low-noise microseismometers for next generation gravitational wave detectors Boris Boom 19 Nov 2020 PhD Thesis MEMS / seismometer / gravitational waves
Search for heavy neutrinos and characterisation of silicon sensors for the VELO upgrade Elena Dall'Occo 17 Jun 2020 PhD Thesis planar silicon / radiation / Timepix3
Going Three Dimensional Peter Bosch 23 Aug 2019 Master Thesis 3D silicon / Timepix3
Dialling back time on Timepix3 Robbert Geertsema July 2019 Master Thesis Timepix3 / timing / laser
New Generation Gridpix Stergios Tsigaridas 23 Nov 2017 PhD Thesis GridPix / Timepix3
A quantification of iodine contrast in mammography spectral X-ray imaging with a 300 um-Si photon-counting pixel detector Wesley Poland 28 Jul 2017 Master thesis Spectral X-ray / Medipix3
Energy resolution of the Medipix3RX with a 500 um silicon sensor Robbert Geertsema 5 Jul 2017 Bachelor thesis Medipix3 / energy resolution
A silicon pixel detector for LHCb Panagiotis Tsopelas 21-Nov-2016 PhD Thesis LHCb / VELO / Timepix3
Characterisation of a Clinical Calibration Phantom for Mammography using a Medipix3RX Detector Amber van Keeken 15 Jun 2017 Master Thesis Medipix3 / Mammo
Proton Radiography: Prototype Development Towards Clinical Application Martijn Dietze June 2016 Master Thesis Timepix3 / GEM / Proton Radiography
Improving the charge collection efficiency in GridPix Kevin Heijhoff May 2016 Master Thesis GridPix
Construction and analysis of a proton radiography setup using Timepix based time projection chambers for tracking Tom Klaver May 2016 Master Thesis GridPix / Proton Radiography
Proton Radiography with a Timepix3 based Gaseous Tracking Detector Paolo Radaelli Sep 2015 Master Thesis Timepix3 / GEM
Carbon Foam for Thermal Management Within Particle Detectors Duco Bouter Jul 2015 Master Thesis Carbon foam cooling
Building and Testing a GEM-based Time Projection Chamber for Proton Radiography Nathalie van der Weiden Jul 2015 Master Thesis Timepix / GEM
XAMS - Development of liquid xenon detector technology for dark matter searches Rolf Schön 1-Jul-2015 PhD thesis XAMS / Timepix
It is about time. Design and test of a per-pixel high-resolution TDC Francesco Zappon 5-Jun-2015 PhD thesis Gossipo / Timepix3
Characterisation of the Timepix3 chip using a gaseous detector Mijke Schut Feb 2015 Master Thesis Timepix3 / Micromegas
GridPix: Development and Characterisation of a Gaseous Tracking Detector Wilco Koppert 13-Jan-2015 PhD thesis GridPix
The color of X-rays Enrico Junior Schioppa 05-Dec-2014 PhD thesis X-ray / Medipix / Timepix
Development, commissioning, and first results of XAMS - A dual-phase xenon time projection chamber at Nikhef Erik Hogenbirk 06-Aug-2014 Master thesis XAMS
The performance of NaI(Tl) scintillation detectors Sander Breur 18-Dec-2013 Master Thesis Decay rate modulations
Energy_calibration_procedure.pdf Rob van der Boog 03-Jul-2013 Bachelor Thesis Medipix energy calibration
Project X - Direct Dark Matter Detection in a Liquid Xenon Environment Duco Bouter 2013 Bachelor thesis XAMS / GridPix
On the Cutting Edge of Semiconductor Sensors, Towards Intelligent X-ray Detectors Marten Bosma 21-Dec-2012 PhD Thesis Edgeless semiconductor sensors
Gridpix: TPC development on the right track Martin Fransen 26-Sep-2012 PhD Thesis TPC / Timepix
Proton Imaging with GridPix Detectors. Brent Fokke Bram Huisman 29-Aug-2012 Master Thesis ProtonCT
Measurement of gas gain in Ar/iC4H10 using a GridPix detector Jan Hoogland 11-Jul-2012 Bachelor thesis GridPix
Gain measurements of a GridPix detector operated in Ar/iC4H10 at different pressures Eric Drechsler 16-Jan-2012 Report GridPix
Applying Gridpix as a 3D particle tracker for proton radiography Panagiotis Tsopelas 13-Jan-2012 Master thesis Proton Beam Radiography
GridPix - A pixel sensor for noble liquid dark matter searches Gijs Hemink 01-Sep-2011 Master thesis DARWIN / GridPix
Medipix Project: Characterisation and Edge Analysis Matthijs Damen 5-Jul-2011 Bachelor thesis Edgeless sensor characterisation
PolaPix - On the development of a micro pattern gaseous detector for the detection of polarized photons Sjoerd Nauta 01-Oct-2010 Master thesis PolaPix / Timepix
Characterisation of the Timepix Chip for the LHCb VELO Upgrade Veerle Heijne 01-Jul-2010 Master thesis Timepix
Building and Testing a GridPix Prototype under Liquid Xenon Conditions Maarten van Dijk 06-Jun-2010 Master thesis DARWIN / GridPix
Electron Emission Foil: Developing an electron emission foil efficiency experiment Wout Kremer 09-Apr-2010 Master thesis Electron Emission Foil
RELAXd Project: Edgeless Silicon Sensors Mehmet Can 05-Feb-2010 Master thesis Edgeless Silicon Sensors
Spectroscopic Quantum Imaging Using Pixel-level ADCs in Semiconductors-based Hybrid Pixel Detectors David San Segundo Bello 10-Sep-2009 PhD thesis Medipix
Characterization of GridPix detectors from test beam measurements Thijs van Leest 10-Aug-2009 Report GridPix
Radiation Imaging Detectors Made by Wafer Post-processing of CMOS Chips Víctor Manuel Blanco Carballo 17-Jun-2009 PhD thesis Medipix2
DICE: Delft Internal Conversion Experiment Rudi Kalter 25-May-2009 Report GridPix / DICE
Development of Micromegas-like gaseous detectors using a pixel readout chip as collecting anode Maximilien Chefdeville 15-Jan-2009 PhD thesis Ingrid / GridPix
GridPix: Data Analysis of Measurements on a GridPix detector Lucie de Nooij 01-Jan-2009 Master thesis GridPix / Timepix
Dimension Optimization of the Medipix2 Chip Daan Boltje 01-Jun-2008 Bachelor thesis Medipix2
GridPix: Data Analysis of Measurements on a micro Time Projection Chamber Marten Bosma 15-Jan-2008 Master thesis GridPix / Timepix
Wireline Equalization Using Pulse-width Modulation Jan-Rutger Schrader 11-Oct-2007 PhD thesis High speed transmission


Occasion, Place Date Author Subject
DARWIN consortium meeting, Nikhef 2011-09-16 Gijs Hemink DARWIN / GridPix
DPG Frühjahrstagung, Karlsruhe 2011-03-30 Rolf Schön DARWIN / GridPix
IEEE conference ( pptx ), Valencia 2011-10-24 Matteo Alfonsi DARWIN / GridPix
NNV Najaarsvergadering, Lunteren 2011-11-04 Rolf Schön DARWIN / GridPix
Nikhef Jamboree Xenon/DARWIN group report, Nikhef 2011-12-13 Matteo Alfonsi DARWIN / GridPix
Colloquium 2010, KVI & Nijmegen 2010-04-16 Jan Visser Nikhef R&D activities
DPG Frühjahrstagung, Göttingen 2012-02-27 Rolf Schön DARWIN / GridPix
Hamburg, Hamburg 2008-10-30 Marten Bosma GridPix / SCT
Physics @ FOM, Veldhoven 2009-01-20 Marten Bosma Medipix2 / Medipix3
Physics @ FOM, Veldhoven 2011-01-18 Marten Bosma CdTe / Medipix
International Workshop on Radiation and Imaging Detectors, Cambridge 2010-07-14 Marten Bosma Active-edge Si
International Workshop on Radiation and Imaging Detectors, Zürich 2011-07-04 Marten Bosma Active-edge Si
Nuclear Science Symposiium, Valencia 2011-10-25 Marten Bosma Active-edge Si
Room Temperature Semiconductor Detector Workshop, Valencia 2011-10-28 Marten Bosma Slim-edge CdTe
Nikhef Annual Meeting, Amsterdam 2011-12-11 Marten Bosma Edgeless detectors
RD51 collaboration meeting ( pptx ), CERN 2012-02-21 Matteo Alfonsi DARWIN / GridPix
12th Pisa meeting on Advanced Detectors, Elba 2012-05-25 Rolf Schön DARWIN / GridPix
6th International Workshop on Semiconductor Pixel Detectors for Particles and Imaging (Pixel 2012), Inawashiro, Japan 2012-09-05 Martin van Beuzekom LHCb VeloPix (Timepix3)
GridPix detectors: Production and beam test results, Vienna 2013-02-12 Wilco Koppert GridPix
Physics@FOM 2012, Veldhoven 2012-01-18 Wilco Koppert GridPix
NNV 2014, Lunteren 2014-11-07 Stergios Tsigaridas GridPix
Nikhef Jamboree 2015, Amsterdam 2015-12-14 Stergios Tsigaridas GridPix
iWoRiD 2016, Barcelona 2016-07-04 Stergios Tsigaridas GridPix
TIPP 2017, Beijing 2017-05-025 Stergios Tsigaridas GridPix / Timepix3


Occasion, Place Date Author Subject
Physics@FOM, Veldhoven 2011-01-19 Rolf Schön DARWIN / GridPix
ISAPP'11 summer school, MPIK Heidelberg 2011-07-09 Gijs Hemink and Rolf Schön DARWIN / GridPix
MPGD 2009, Crete 2009-06-13 Wilco Koppert DICE
MPGD 2009, Crete 2009-06-13 Wilco Koppert Gridpix
IEEE: NSS-MIC 2011, Valencia 2011-10-25 Wilco Koppert GOSSIP / GridPix
Physics@FOM 2011, Veldhoven 2011-01-19 Wilco Koppert GOSSIP / GridPix
Physics@FOM, Veldhoven 2012-01-18 Rolf Schön DARWIN / GridPix
International Workshop on Radiation and Imaging Detectors, Praha 2010-06-30 Marten Bosma Medipix / Edgeless
Room Temperature Semiconductor Detector Workshop, Knoxville 2010-11-02 Marten Bosma Edgless Si & CdTe

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