PC: Reprap, Pass: ThreeDee


- We have the controller board:Megatronics v3 - http://reprapworld.com/documentation/datasheet%20megatronicsv3.pdf


- Go to http://reprap.org/wiki/Marlin and follow the steps smile

We did:

- Go to http://playground.arduino.cc/Linux/Ubuntu and follow the instructions (the apt-get command in a terminal).

- Then download the latest arduino version (arduino-1.6.0-linux64.tar.xz), extract the archive in any convenient folder (~/Downloads/)

- You can execute the arduino executable now from there.

- in arduino, you open the Marlin.ino; our motherboard corresponds to the line in boards.h

#define BOARD_MEGATRONICS_3 703 // Megatronics v3.0

#define BAUDRATE 250000 in Configuration.h


- Thermistor Extruder -> T0
- Thermistor Bed -> T1


- Follow steps on http://reprap.org/wiki/Triffid_Hunter%27s_Calibration_Guide


- go to directory /home/reprap/Printrun/

- grant permissions to use USB port to user (as super user)

sudo chown reprap /dev/ttyUSB0 ( sometimes it's on /dev/ttyUSB1)

- either use the command line ( not really userfriendly though)
python pronsole.py
connect /dev/ttyUSB0 250000

- or ( more likely) use the interface to manually control motors and heating

python pronterface.py

- set the extruder temperature accrording to the type of plastic:

  1. 230 C for ABS
  2. 185 C for PLA
- bla
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