Working remotely

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Below is a list of tools that can be useful to work remotely.

Access to internal services

Sharing documents

  • SURFdrive can be used to share your documents between your devices (laptop, desktop, phone), but also with others. See SURFdrive

Audio / Video conferencing tools

Service status

  • Known problems and downtimes for the ICT services are announced via an external status page: It is possible to subscribe for email notifications. Tip: when possible, register a non-Nikhef email address so that you can receive notifications if for some reason mail or network services don't function properly.


It is expected that hackers will try to exploit the current situation where many people will work remotely. Hackers will probably launch more phishing attacks.

  • It is not needed to register your account to work remotely. Nikhef (CT) will not send links to "activate" remote working.
  • Do not respond to any mails you may get with links.
  • You should only enter your Nikhef credentials at the SSO server
  • Are you in doubt about an email or did you already enter your credentials at a suspicious site? Contact the Helpdesk ( as soon as possible.