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EduVPN for laptop or pc (home situation)

Go to https://www.surf.nl/en/eduvpn/get-started-with-eduvpn Choose one of the options for your platform

For example Windows:

  • Save file
  • Go to the location where the install file is saved (downloads)
  • Click on the file 2 times
  • Run
  • Installeren (install)
  • Do you allow this app to make changes..... Yes
  • Herstarten (reboot)
  • Sluiten (close)

Using the EduVPN app

  • Open the app EduVPN
  • Connect to your Institution
  • Choose Nikhef
  • Use your credentials from Nikhef (SSO)and click Log in
  • Ja, ik ga akkoord (Yes, I approve)
  • Approve application
  • Click Nikhef and choose Institute Access

Using the Remote Desktop Application

  • Open the app RDP (remote desktop)
  • Enter your <pcname>.ad.nikhef.nl and username@nikhef.nl
  • Save the file on the desktop (save as and choose desktop + save)
  • Open the remote app on your desktop
  • Enter your password
  • Enter Yes

macOS installation and instructions

To install EduVPN on your Mac follow the steps below. The instructions are written using macOS 10.15.4 (Catalina).

Instructions Images
Visit the EduVPN website to download the software: https://www.eduvpn.org/apps.html.
EduVPN OSX 1.jpg
You will then be directed to the App Store on your Mac to download the EduVPN client. Do this and wait for the software to be installed on your Mac.
EduVPN OSX 8.jpg
Start the EduVPN application. You can use the EduVPN application to surf the internet safely, for example when you are connected to a public WiFi.

However, in this example we want to connect to our computer at Nikhef so we choose the bottom option:

"Access your institute's network from outside the institution".
EduVPN OSX 2.jpg
In the provider list you need to select the institute to connect to. Search for 'Nikhef' in the list and click on it.
EduVPN OSX 3.jpg
Your browser will open and you will be asked to grant authorization for the EduVPN application.

Click 'Approve application' to continue.
EduVPN OSX 4.jpg
Back in the EduVPN application, click on 'Nikhef' and choose 'Connect' to start the connection with the institute.
EduVPN OSX 5.jpg
macOS will ask if you allow a change to the system's VPN configuration.

To continue click on 'allow' here.
EduVPN OSX 6.jpg
This Is the status pagina. The status icon will be colored orange for a short time and then turn green.

You are connected!
EduVPN OSX 7.jpg
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