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EduVPN for laptop or pc (home situation)

Go to https://www.surf.nl/en/eduvpn/get-started-with-eduvpn Choose one of the options for your platform

For example Windows:

  • Save file
  • Go to the location where the install file is saved (downloads)
  • Click on the file 2 times
  • Run
  • Installeren (install)
  • Do you allow this app to make changes..... Yes
  • Herstarten (reboot)
  • Sluiten (close)

Using the EduVPN app

  • Open the app EduVPN
  • Connect to your Institution
  • Choose Nikhef
  • Use your credentials from Nikhef (SSO)and click Log in
  • Ja, ik ga akkoord (Yes, I approve)
  • Approve application
  • Click Nikhef and choose Institute Access

Using the Remote Desktop Application

  • Open the app RDP (remote desktop)
  • Enter your <pcname>.ad.nikhef.nl and username@nikhef.nl
  • Save the file on the desktop (save as and choose desktop + save)
  • Open the remote app on your desktop
  • Enter your password
  • Enter Yes
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