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Introduction and notes

We offer several ways to connect remotely to windows computers at Nikhef. This page gives information on how to set this up. If you want to access a specific desktop computer or server at Nikhef be aware of the following:

  • You must use the remote desktop gateway if you are outside of Nikhef.
  • You must be added to the group: Remote Desktop Users on the computer you wish to connect to, an administrator can turn this on for you, contact the Nikhef Helpdesk about this.
  • The computer you wish to connect to must be turned on.
  • The first time you connect remotely to a computer from a remote location you may be prompted to accept an certificate.

The Nikhef terminal servers are always turned on, available for all users and you should not be prompted for a certficate.

Terminal Servers

Nikhef has windows Terminal Servers available for users who need access to windows software. These servers are installed with server 2016 which gives the user the same experience as windows 10. We have installed a number of commonly used software on these servers including office 2016 and Adobe software. These servers use a different system for profiles so your settings may not all be transferred between these servers and a Nikhef windows desktop machine.

Remote Desktop Web Access

If you use windows the easiest way to access the Terminal Servers from anywhere is the Remote Desktop Web Access. Log in and click on the Nikhef resource button. Open this file with the remote desktop client and all the settings will be done for you.

Remote Desktop Web Client

If you do not have access to a remote desktop client you can try the webclient. This client should run on any HTML5 compatible browser like Firefox or Chrome. This is the easiest way to connect from Linux. Be aware however this client is still in beta. Also you need to log in twice.

Remote Desktop Gateway

To connect to a specific windows desktop or server from outside Nikhef please use the Remote Desktop Gateway.


Connecting to a Nikhef computer from a computer with the windows OS is established by the application: Remote Desktop Connection.

  1. Launch the Remote Desktop Connection application by going to Start->Programs->Accessories->Remote Desktop Connection
  2. Click Show options
  3. Click Advanced
  4. Select Settings in the Connect from Anywhere Area
  5. Select Use these RD Gateway server settings in connection settings
  6. Enter the following server name for RD Gateway Server settings:
  7. Make sure the checkbox for: Bypass RD Gateway server for local addresses is checked
  8. Make sure the checkbox for: Use my RD Gateway credentials for the remote computer is checked and click Ok
  9. On the General tab enter the Computer name you want to connect to
    1. if you wish to connect with the Remote Desktop Server.
    2. <computername> if you wish to make a connection with your own computer
  10. Press connect
  11. When prompted, enter your Nikhef Credentials: <username> and your Nikhef password
Remote Desktop Windows 7 - 01.JPG
Remote Desktop Windows 7 - 02b.JPG
Remote Desktop Windows 7 - 03.JPG
Remote Desktop Windows 7 - 04b.JPG

Mac OS X

Connecting to a Nikhef Windows computer from a computer with Mac OS X is established by the application: Microsoft Remote Desktop

The Steps of setting it up:

  1. Download and install the application: Microsoft Remote Desktop from the App Store (Check Mac Os version compatibility, Developer=Microsoft)
  2. Start up Microsoft Remote Desktop
  3. Select New to setup a new remote desktop connection
  4. Enter a meaningful connection name so you know which pc you are connecting to.
  5. for PC name enter your <computername> (dont forget any dots!)
  6. Select add gateway by using the arrow on the right at the gateway line to set this up.
  7. Select + to add a new gateway configuration.
  8. Give it a meaningful gateway name
  9. for Server, use:
  10. Enter your nikhef credentials in the credential field with username format: <username> press the red cross on left top to save and exit the setup.
  11. Enter your Nikhef credentials to log into your computer in the main setup part as well <username> format press the red cross on left top to save and exit the setup.
    1. use to connect to the remote desktop server.
    2. to make a connection with your own desktop use <computername>
  12. Your connection is now ready for use. Select Start to start the remote desktop Connection.

You will be prompted to accept certificate from your computer every time you try to connect. You can accept it automatically by expanding the message and check the box to automatically accept it.

Remote desktop Mac OS X 00.jpg
Remote desktop Mac OS X 02.jpg
Remote desktop Mac OS X 03.jpg
Remote desktop Mac OS X 04.jpg
Remote desktop Mac OS X 05.jpg


The latest versions of XfreeRDP can connect to the gateway service, but only using preauthentication on the command line.

  • To connect to your own windows desktop, use: xfreerdp / /v:<hostname> /u:NIKHEF\\<username> /p:<password>
  • To connect to the remote desktop server, use: xfreerdp / / /u:NIKHEF\\<username> /p:<password>

Old Terminal Servers (windows 7/2008)

You can still access the old Terminal servers fo a short while by connecting to This service will be shut down in .......