Register Network Device

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Register Network Device


As a Nikhef user you are allowed to register a network device on the Nikhef network.
This allows this device to be connected to a wall outlet and have access to the internet.
You can register up to 3 network devices as a user.
To register a device you need to know the mac adress of the device

How to register a network device

1. Connect your device to the network and open a browser. You will be redirected to if it doesnt happen, you can type in the link itself in the browser.
2. Log in through our single sign on page to this service by entering your Nikhef credentials
3. Enter the following information:

- Enter your Device Name
- Enter the mac adress of your network device
- Enter a description

4. Press process changes and updates

Be Aware:

  1. It is important to note that after you have registered the network device in this fashion that the network plug in your wall outlet is disconnected for 10 seconds so that the port in our network switch will switch off. After this period when you plug in a registered network device it should be able to connect to internet.
  2. Your IP network settings should be on DHCP mode to receive the proper IP information for connection to the internet
  3. Some Nikhef services might not be available or need to be configured specifically for your device to function propperly

How to remove a registered network device

  1. Log in to your registered network device page at
  2. Select the check box on the left side in the column Del?
  3. Press process changes and updates