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Nikhef print system


The Nikhef print system consists of Xerox multifunctional printers and the Follow-you software Safeq from Ysoft.

Two types of printers are available:

  • 6 x Xerox AltaLink 8035
  • 2 x Xerox AltaLink 8055

All printers are able to print, copy and scan documents in A3 and A4 format, single and double sided. Scans will be done in color by default. The printers are located at all floors in the Nikhef H and N buildings. Three printers are installed at the reception desk, the secretariat and the personal department. These printers are part of the print system, but have limited access.

You need a valid access key (druppel) and a valid Nikhef computer account for copying, scanning and follow-you printing.

Note: Before you are able to use your access key, you have to activate it once for the print system. Put your access key on the reader sticker on the front left side of the printer. Enter your Nikhef user name and password. Request the CT Helpdesk to assist you in case you do not know how to do this.


Follow You

Printing at Nikhef uses a "Follow You" system.

All users with a valid Nikhef computer account and a valid Nikhef access key (druppel) can use follow you.
The follow-you system allows you to go to one of the eight printers in the building and to activate your print job with your access key.
When you are done with printing, use your access key to end the session.

You can submit your print job to the following follow-you queues:

  • color (for color prints)
  • bw (for non-color prints)

Be aware of the following:

  • First time printing with follow-you, requires registration of your access key so it is linked to your Nikhef account.
    • you will have to type your Nikhef username and password once
    • the printer is impatient and may not give you enough time to type a 32-random-character password!
  • A print job send to a follow-you queue stays there for 7 days after which it will be automatically deleted from queue.

Guest Printing and Printing via email

It is possible to send print jobs to the printers via email. If you send email with attachement to the attachement will be send to your print queu and you can print it with the follow you system.
Please note that you need to use your Nikhef email address to send the email.
This system is able to print most common file formats like pdf, jpg, png, doc etc.
This system can also be used by guests to print at Nikhef. The guest can register their email and collect a temporary access card at the Nikhef helpdesk.

Available Printers

Due to the renovation, this overview is currently (December 2021) not up-to-date.

Printer bw color
h0 x x
h1 x x
h2 x x
h3 x x
n0 x x
n1 x x
n2 x x
n3 x x

Copying and scanning

You need a valid and registered access key to be able to scan or copy documents on one of available multifunctional printers in the Nikhef building. By default scanned documents will be mailed to your Nikhef account.
However, for larger documents there is also the option to have them placed in a special retrieval folder. More information can be found here

Add printer

Add printer via CUPS


These instructions are based on Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS


June 2022: Airprint is not working the moment

If you want to use all the settings (staples etc.) for the printer please install as follows (Note: This works up to and including macOS Mojave, if you use macOS Monterey the steps are slightly different.):

  • For Color download the following ppd file:
  • For BW download the following ppd file:
    Set the 'Use generic printer features' to on by checking it
  • macOS Monterey users: download the Xerox Printer Driver from here and install: [1]
  • Open Printing and scanning in your System Preferences
  • Select + to add a printer
  • Select the IP tab
  • Select the LPD protocol and enter "your_user_name" in the address field
  • Enter the name of the printer you want to add in the Queue field and in the Name field
    • use printer name 'bw' for black-and-white printer
    • use 'color' for color printer
      • For driver select other and choose and select the ppd file you downloaded earlier
      • macOS Monterey users: choose 'Select software' and search for C8055 in the list
  • Select OK to finish the printer installation (do not change the settings of the printer).
  • Note: Open the printer settings and on the 'General' tab, check the 'Use Generic Printer Features' box. This ensures that your print job is sent directly to the printer. If you do not check this box, it will take +/- a few minutes for your job to arrive at the printer and that is annoying.


If you are using a CT managed Windows computer, the 'BW' and 'Color' printer should be automatically added to your system. If this is not the case, please contact the helpdesk. You can use the instructions below to make the printers available on machines under your own management or your own laptop.

For computers not in Domain:

  • Startmenu > Settings > Devices > Printers & Scanners > Add printer
  • Click on "The printer that I want isn't listed"
  • Select a shared printer by name and fill in the following printers (one at the time!)
  • Enter username and password and press OK
  • Select the Microsoft PCL6 Class driver or the Xerox Global Print Driver PCL6 driver (download)
    • To use Xerox Features (like staples etc.) use the Global Xerox Driver
    • Download and unpack the zipfile
    • Select have a disk and enter the path where you have extracted the new drivers: (for example: C:\Users\%username%\Downloads\UNIV_5.810.8.0_PCL6_x64\UNIV_5.810.8.0_PCL6_x64_Driver.inf)
  • Enable Xerox Features:
    • Startmenu > Settings > Devices > Printers & Scanners > printer > Manage > Printer properties
    • Select the Administration tab
    • Select the Configuration: "Xerox WorkCentre Black and White" or "Xerox WorkCentre Color"
    • Click on OK
    • Open the Printer properties again
    • Select the configuration tab
    • Select the Installable Options / Finisher: "Office Finisher"
    • Click on OK


Print submitted jobs

All prints submitted to the BW and Color print queues are available on this printer.
When you log into the printer you will start in the printing screen with a list of your submitted jobs.
Previously printed jobs are available under Printed up to 7 days after printing if not deleted.
Pressing the cog icon next to a print job allows you to change settings for your print job. Please note that from the advanced options only stapling is available on the printers.
Pressing the star icon next to a print job adds it to your favorites. Favorite jobs will not be deleted automatically.

Print From USB

You can also print files from a USB drive. To do this insert you USB device in the USB port to the left of the screen. Press one of the home buttons and choose “Print From USB”. Select your file and options to print.


To copy first press one of the home buttons after logging in and then press the copy button.


To scan press one of the home buttons after logging in.

Scan to email

To scan to email please select “email”. Your Nikhef email address will already be entered. You can enter more email addresses if you need. Please note that there is a size limit when mailing and large scans may be rejected.

Scan to network folder

To scan to the scan folder on the Nikhef network please select Workflow Scanning and then “Scan to network drive”.
Your Scans will be sent to \\\data\scan\<username> on windows and /data/scan/<username> on Linux. This folder is only readable for you and your scan will be removed automatically after 7 days.

Scan to USB

To scan USB please insert your USB device in the USB port to the left of the screen, select Workflow Scanning and then “USB”.