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Nikhef printer use

To use this printer you need a access key (druppel) and computer account from Nikhef.
To access the printer hold your access key against the sticker left of the screen.
If your access key has not yet been registered you need to register it. Please enter your Nikhef account name (without and password when prompted.


Print submitted jobs

All prints submitted to the BW and Color print queues are available on this printer.
When you log into the printer you will start in the printing screen with a list of your submitted jobs.
Previously printed jobs are available under Printed up to 7 days after printing if not deleted.
Pressing the cog icon next to a print job allows you to change settings for your print job. Please note that from the advanced options only stapling is available on the printers.
Pressing the star icon next to a print job adds it to your favorites. Favorite jobs will not be deleted automatically.

Print From USB

You can also print files from a USB drive. To do this insert you USB device in the USB port to the left of the screen. Press one of the home buttons and choose “Print From USB”. Select your file and options to print.


To copy first press one of the home buttons after logging in and then press the copy button.


To scan press one of the home buttons after logging in.

Scan to email

To scan to email please select “email”. Your Nikhef email address will already be entered. You can enter more email addresses if you need. Please note that there is a size limit when mailing and large scans may be rejected.

Scan to network folder

To scan to the scan folder on the Nikhef network please select Workflow Scanning and then “Scan to network drive”.
Your Scans will be sent to \\\data\scan\<username> on windows and /data/scan/<username> on Linux. This folder is only readable for you and your scan will be removed automatically after 7 days.

Scan to USB

To scan USB please insert your USB device in the USB port to the left of the screen, select Workflow Scanning and then “USB”.