Nikhef Address Book (OpenSync)

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These instructions will help you to add the Nikhef Address Book to your Android phone's contacts.

Instructions Images
Go to the Google Play Store and search for 'Open Sync' and install it.

Or, if you visit this page on your phone you can click here [1] for a direct link.

Screenshot OpenSync1.jpg
Turn off battery optimization for Open Sync when asked.
Screenshot OpenSync2.jpg
You can skip the notification about OpenTasks.
Screenshot OpenSync3.jpg
Now you will see the OpenSync main menu. Tap on the orange button to add an account.
Screenshot OpenSync4.jpg
In this screen you add the details of your Nikhef account.

Choose 'Login with URL and user name'. (Keep in mind that after changing your password (at least once per year) you will have to change it in your CalDav settings as well.).

Server name:

Username: <username> (Nikhef username (without @nikhef))

Password: <password>

Screenshot OpenSync5.jpg
Give the configuration a name and tap 'Create Account'.
Screenshot OpenSync6.jpg
The device will now request additional permissions for the application by means of a notification. Click on it. If the notification does not appear, slide from the top to the bottom of your screen to see the notification.
Screenshot OpenSync7.jpg
Allow calendar and contact permissions.
Screenshot OpenSync7a.jpg
Allow the permissions.
Screenshot OpenSync7b.jpg
Allow the permissions.
Screenshot OpenSync7c.jpg
Now click on your account to enable the syncing of your contacts.
Screenshot OpenSync8.jpg
Select the address books you want to sync with your phone. Then go to the refresh icon at the top right to start synchronizing.

The marked contacts will appear in your contacts app.

Screenshot OpenSync9 - Address Books.jpg