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When you hire a new employee and the Personnel department has registered this employee, the "New Employee Procedure" will start.

One month before the employee starts you will receive the following mail:

Dear ......,

Based on information you've provided, ..... will start working at Nikhef on ......

In order to ensure a smooth start for our new colleague on their first day, the facilities department, the secretariat and the computer technology department need some additional information.

Please reply to this email and answer the questions below to the best of your knowledge.

* Does the employee need an access key ("druppel") to Nikhef?:
* In which office will the employee work (if any)?:
* Does the employee need a new key for this office (or is an old key around)?:
* Should a workspace be prepared (new desk, new chair) or is a complete workspace available?:
* Will the employee use a desktop computer?
* If so, does this computer already exist, or is a new one needed?
* If a new one is needed, which operating system (Windows or Linux)?:
* Is a new desk telephone needed, or is an existing phone present (if so: which phone number)?:
* Additional requests or wishes: 

When responding, make sure that the subject field of the mail contains ........

You can find more information about our "New Employee Procedure" at

Kind regards,

Nikhef Facilities, Secretariat, and Computer Technology Department

Your response to this email will be sent to the supporting departments (Facilities, Secretariat, Computer Technology) who will prepare a smooth start of the new colleague on their first working day. The following tasks will be performed if needed:

  • A computer account with nikhef email address will always be created.
  • A key and access drop will be prepared and placed at the reception for pick up.
  • A desk and chair will be placed.
  • A computer will be placed.
  • A office phone will be placed or the employee gets an Nikhef mobile phone.
  • The name and phone number will be put into the Nikhef phone directory.
  • The office sign will be updated.
  • The employee will be invited to do the safety course by AMS.

If more information is needed for a specific task you may receive additional mail about this.

When all the relevant tasks have been completed you will receive an email confirming that everything is in order. If something is not in order please respond to this email.