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|style="background-color:lightgrey" |[[Jira]]
|style="background-color:lightgrey" |[[Jira]]
|style="background-color:lightgrey" |[[Gitlab]]
|style="background-color:lightgrey" |[[Working remotely]]
|style="background-color:lightgrey" |[[Working remotely]]

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CONTACT US e-mail: / phone ext. 2200 / Room: H122


[edit] Nikhef IT Helpdesk User Documentation.

NEWS Quick links
March 16 (2020) Working remotely account request info
April 25 (2018) Data lekken / data leaks self-service desk info
February 28 (2018) Printers replaced webmail info
May 4 (2017) Maintenance phone system 19:00-24:00 mailman lists info
April 2 (2017) Maintenance email service 02:00-10:00 SURFmailfilter info
March (2017) Mobiele telefonie: beschrijving contract SURFspot info
June (2016) Mobile Electronic Work Facilities Scheme Change password info
Archive news announcements
CONTACT US e-mail: / phone ext. 2200 / Room: H122

[edit] User Authentication

Single Sign On Change your password Account request

[edit] Mail

Webmail SURFmailfilter Mail client settings Mailing lists FAQ Mail SOGo Calendar

[edit] Phone- and Videoconferencing

Videoconferencing Video conferencing from home Phoneconferencing (temporarily out of order) Meeting rooms & Equipment

[edit] Laptops

Ordering Laptops Laptop Support Laptop backup service

[edit] Computing

Stoomboot cluster Modern compilers

[edit] Miscellaneous Services

Helpdesk ticket system Printers Scanning Mobile phones Telephone Wireless LAN Subversion Licensed Software SOCKS tutorial Photos in the phone directory VPN on mobile phone VPN on laptop or home pc
Backup and restore Classrom/Leslokaal Indico agenda Latex TexLive MATLAB Licentie mathematica Licentie Overleaf text editor Hardware for sale Jira Gitlab Working remotely

[edit] Cloud services (SURF)

SURFfederatie SURFconext SURFspot ScienceDirect FileSender SURFteams SURFdrive

[edit] Operating Systems

MS-Windows Linux MacOS Remote desktop

[edit] Security

Public key authentication with ssh Login from unusual locations messages Login server blocking connections EduVPN Preventie data lekken / Prevent data leaks

[edit] Policy

Acceptable Use Policy Desktop/laptop connections Regeling Elektronische Werkvoorzieningen Identity Management Policy and Practices NikIdm Attribute Release
Computer User Forum CGO

[edit] Tips and Tricks

The Tips and Tricks page contains solutions for problems that users have run into and which they want to share with others to save them time. Did you resolve an issue that may be interesting for others? Please tell us what you did and how you did it!

CONTACT US e-mail: / phone ext. 2200 / Room: H122
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