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Mozilla Thunderbird

Tips and trick for the Mozilla Thunderbird mail client.

Adding the Nikhef address book to Thunderbird:

Instructions Images
Open Thunderbird and click on 'Address Book' ThunderBird Address Book Step 1.png
Click on 'Tools' and then on 'Preferences' ThunderBird Address Book Step 2.png
Under 'Addressing', tick the box next to 'Directory Server' and click on 'Edit Directories...' ThunderBird Address Book Step 3.png
In the window that pops up, click on 'add' ThunderBird Address Book Step 4.png
A new window named 'New LDAP Directory' should pop up. Enter the following information and click on 'OK' twice:

Name: Nikhef Address Book


Base DN: dc=farmnet,dc=nikhef,dc=nl

Port number: 636

Bind DN: <leave empty>

Use secure connection (SSL): Yes

ThunderBird Address Book Step 5-2.png
Click on the dropdownmenu next to 'Directory Server' and click on your newly added 'Nikhef Address Book' ThunderBird Address Book Step 6.png
You're done.

Restart Thunderbird and next time you compose a new e-mail and type in (part of) an address, you may be prompted for your password. After entering your password you will get address book suggestions. Tick the box to save your password and prevent getting repeatedly prompted for it again.

ThunderBird Address Book Step 7.png

Adding the Gmail calendar to Thunderbird:

Instructions Images
Open Thunderbird and navigate to 'Add-ons and Themes' using the preferences menu in the top right Gmail Calendar Step 1.png
Enter 'Provider' in the search field and press the Enter key Gmail Calendar Step 2.png
The search results should open now, with the top option being 'Provider for Google Calendar' Gmail Calendar Step 3.png
Click on 'Provider for Google Calendar' and then click on 'Add to Thunderbird'. The extension will ask for permission, click on 'Add'. Restart Thunderbird after it's been added Gmail Calendar Step 4.png
In Thunderbird, open the settings menu by clicking the button on the top right. Select 'New' -> 'Calendar...' Calendar 1.png
Tick the circular button next to 'Google Calendar' and then click on 'Next' Calendar 2.png
Enter your Gmail e-mail address and then click on 'Find Calendars' Calendar 3.png
A new window will now open and you will be prompted to log into your Google account. After logging in, you will prompted to provide permissions for 'Provider for Google Calendar' to access your account, click on 'Allow'. Calendar 4.png
A new window will pop now asking you for what Calendars (or Task Lists) you want to add to Thunderbird, tick the boxes next to what you would like to sync and then click on 'Subscribe'.

You are now done, your Google calendar will now show up in the Calendar view in Thunderbird.

Calendar 5.png

IMAP Mail server

IMAP hostname/port:

port:     993 / SSL


Tools->Account Settings->Server Settings
IMAP mail server:
Connection Security:    SSL/TLS  (port 993)
Go to: Advanced:
IMAP server directory:  make it empty


Note: We are solving some certificate issues, for now use (al)pine on

Modify the file ~/.pinerc in your home directory accordingly to connect PINE to the imap server:


Outgoing mail server


Port:     465 / SSL

Thunderbird External connections, authenticated (use to send mail to somewhere else):

Use name and password:     Yes
User name:                 your Nikhef account name (without
Use secure connection:     SSL (port 465)

Tip: use the external connection settings on your laptop, these are valid for internal use as well.

Configure Nikhef mail on Android

Below are instructions for setting up email on your Android-device. These instructions are based on the (opensource) K-9 Mail app for Anrdoid.

Instructions Images
Go to the Google Play Store and search for 'K-9 Mail' and install it. Or, if you visit this page on your phone you can click here [1] for a direct link.
In the next screen give the app the the necessary authorizations.
Enter your Nikhef email address with the corresponding password in this screen.
Select the 'IMAP' option in this screen.
In this screen, check whether your Nikhef-username has been entered correctly. If not, make sure it is correct before proceeding.
Also in this next screen, check whether your Nikhef-username has been entered correctly. If not, make sure it is correct before proceeding.
Now you will see some options regarding the retrieval of mail. Adjust these to your own taste or continue with the default settings.
The installation is complete. Fill in the details and you can use the app.