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===Mozilla Thunderbird===
===Mozilla Thunderbird===
Tips and trick for the [[Mozilla Thunderbird]] mail client.
Tips and trick for the [[Mozilla Thunderbird]] mail client.
===Horde webmail===
===Horde webmail===
Tips and trick for the [[Horde webmail]] mail client.
Tips and trick for the [[Horde webmail]] mail client.
===IMAP Mail server===
===IMAP Mail server===

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Mozilla Thunderbird

Tips and trick for the Mozilla Thunderbird mail client.

IMAP Mail server

IMAP hostname/port:

hostname: imap.nikhef.nl, imaps.nikhef.nl
port:     993


Tools->Account Settings->Server Settings
IMAP mail server:       imap.nikhef.nl
Connection Security:    SSL/TLS  (port 993)
Go to: Advanced:
IMAP server directory:  make it empty


Note: We are solving some certificate issues, for now use (al)pine on login2.nikhef.nl

Modify the file ~/.pinerc in your home directory accordingly to connect PINE to the imap server:


POP mail server

POP hostname/port:

hostname: pop3.nikhef.nl, pop3s.nikhef.nl
port:     995


POP mail server:           pop3.nikhef.nl
Connection Security:       SSL/TLS  (port 995)
Use secure authentication: No

Outgoing mail server


Hostname: mail.nikhef.nl, smtp.nikhef.nl, smtps.nikhef.nl
Port:     465 / SSL (external connections)
Port:      25 (within nikhef.nl domain)


External connections, authenticated (use mail.nikhef.nl to send mail to somewhere else):

Use name and password:     Yes
User name:                 your Nikhef account name
Use secure connection:     SSL (port 465)

Within nikhef.nl domain:

Use name and password:     No
User name:                 
Use secure connection:     No (port 25)

Tip: use the external connection settings on your laptop, these are valid for internal use as well.