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In the past, CT offered a network share that made it possible to install various applications. Because this has to be maintained manually, and is time consuming, we decided to no longer maintain this. If you need software, please contact the helpdesk. | E-mail: / Phone ext. 2200

Licensed Software

Below you will find an overview with information about software licenses within Nikhef. This page is probably always under construction for updates. The terms that are used are explained below.

Software FAQ

  • What are Nikhef owned computers?

Nikhef owned computers are desktops/laptops that are paid and in that context owned by Nikhef.

  • What is a site-license?

A site license is a type of software license that allows the user to install a software package in several computers simultaneously. Depending on the amount of fees paid, the license may be unlimited or may limit simultaneous access to a certain number of users. The latter is called a concurrent site license.

  • What is a floating-license?

Floating licensing, also known as concurrent licensing or network licensing, is a software licensing approach in which a limited number of licenses for a software application are shared among a larger number of users over time. When an authorized user wishes to run the application, they request a license from a central license server. If a license is available, the license server allows the application to run. When they finish using the application, or when the allowed license period expires, the license is reclaimed by the license server and made available to other authorized users.

  • For what time period can I use licensed software?

You can use software (that is used under a license from Nikhef) until you no longer perform work for Nikhef. When you end your work for Nikhef, you should remove all licensed software provided by Nikhef from the device on which it is installed. You can do this yourself or visit the helpdesk if you need any assistance. Note that this also applies when you purchase your (old) laptop from Nikhef.

  • Can I request software?

If you want to use licensed software, you can send an email to We will review and process your request.

Software with a site-license

At Nikhef the following licensed software is available for installation at Nikhef owned computers:

Name Description OS Nikhef Wiki
Adobe Creative Cloud Creative Cloud gives access to a collection of software for graphic design, video editing, web development, photography, audio editing, and services for the cloud. A license is required to use Creative Cloud. You can request this via the Nikhef helpdesk by sending an email to Windows or macOS
Microsoft Office 2019 Microsoft Office is an office software package from Microsoft and is being developed for Windows & macOS. The package includes Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook and OneNote (not available on macOS). Windows or macOS
Microsoft Project 2019 Microsoft Project is a management software package primarily intended to support project managers and portfolio managers in their planning. Windows
Microsoft Visio 2019 Microsoft Visio is an application for creating technical and logical diagrams. The program enables you to create flow charts, (office) floor plans, database models and other schematic documents and diagrams relatively easily. Windows
Symantec Endpoint Protection Symantec Endpoint Protection is a security software suite that consists of anti-malware, intrusion prevention and firewall features. Windows
Labview LabVIEW is a graphical programming environment developed by National Instruments. It is an environment that is particularly suitable for control technology, data acquisition, and communication with measuring instruments. However, the LabVIEW programming language includes the same language constructs and data structures as traditional programming languages, allowing LabVIEW to be used to create a wide variety of software applications. Windows
Xming Xming provides the X Window System display server, a set of traditional sample X applications and tools, as well as a set of fonts. It features support of several languages and has Mesa 3D, OpenGL, and GLX 3D graphics extensions capabilities. Windows

Software with a floating-license

Name Description OS Number
Mathematica Mathematica is a modern technical computing system spanning most areas of technical computing — including neural networks, machine learning, image processing, geometry, data science, visualizations, and others. Windows, macOS & Linux Nog invullen
Matlab/Simulink Simulink is a MATLAB-based graphical programming environment for modeling, simulating and analyzing multidomain dynamical systems. Its primary interface is a graphical block diagramming tool and a customizable set of block libraries. Windows, macOS & Linux 7 x Matlab - 3 x Simulink