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This article gives an overview of the issues you should consider when leaving Nikhef as employee or guest.


Your account will remain accessible for month after the end of your contract or guest status with Nikhef. After that month it will no longer be possible to login to Nikhef computer services or access your Nikhef email.

If you need access after this one month grace period, for example to finish work on an analysis or thesis, you can request a guest registration for a period of 6 or 12 months. To arrange a guest registration, please contact the Personnel department and make sure your manager of group leader supports the request. After the Personnel department has processed the guest registration, the expiration date of your computer account is updated automatically.

Beware: when you contract as employee ends, you will immediately loose access to external services such as SURFdrive and SURFspot, which are only accessible to employees. The one month grace period does not apply to such external services.

Account removal

Some time after your account is terminated, it will be removed. After removal it cannot be reinstated if you would return to Nikhef; instead a new account (with new username) can be created.