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What are the host names of the IMAP and SMTP servers?

  • IMAP imap.nikhef.nl or imaps.nikhef.nl.
  • SMTP smtp.nikhef.nl.

visit the Mail client settings page for more information about mail client configuration setings.

How to set vacation message?

Use webmail to set your vacation message:

  • Login to the webmail client
  • Select Preferences, select Vacation
  • Check Enable vacation auto reply (starting now)
  • Compose your auto reply message
  • Activate Add default email addresses button on the right
  • Check Do not send responses to mailing lists
  • Check Disable auto reply on and set end date
  • Activate Save and Close button upper left.

How to set mail forwarding?

Use webmail to configure forwarding your mail.

  • Login to the webmail client
  • Select Preferences, select Forward
  • Check Forward incoming messages
  • Enter mail addresses
  • Check Keep a copy in case you want to save your mail in your inbox as well.
  • Activate Save and Close button upper left.

How to define mail delivery filter rules?

Use webmail to define the filter rules for the delivery of the mail in your mail folders:

  • Login to the webmail client
  • Select Preferences, select Mail Options
  • Enter your filter rues in the blue box on the lower part of the page


  • Once you are done activate the filter by clicking Save and Close in the upper left corner.
  • Do not close the preferences window: click save and close again to store the new settings.

Note: Be aware of the sequence of the rules in the folder. For instance do not put your spam filtering rule at the end of the list.

The filter rules are processed on the IMAP server (effective for all mail clients you use).

Alternative methods to configure server-side mail filter rules

Alternative methods to configure mail filter rules into the Sieve mail filtering language:

  • Via an extension for Thunderbird mail client
  • Command line interface for Linux.

Be aware, do not mix different methods, changes might be overwritten.

Can I use the Nikhef address book in Webmail?

Yes, the Nikhef address book is available in the Nikhef Webmail, you do not have to configure anything. The Nikhef address book is provisioned by the LDAP directory service and contains all active Nikhef computer accounts.

What to do with SPAM tagged mails?

The SURFmailfilter takes a decision to tag a mail as SPAM or not (more info). You can decide what to do with SPAM tagged mails: nothing, store in folder or throw away.

  • Do nothing: easy, mails labeled with '***SPAM***' in the header will be stored in your inbox folder.
  • Store in a folder: create a mail filter rule which delivers mails labeled with '***SPAM***' in the header into a spam folder.
  • Throw away: create a mail filter rule which delivers mails labeled with '***SPAM***' in the header into the special folder /dev/null.

Can I configure black and white lists for incoming mail to my account?

Yes, you can! Use the SURFmailfilter do the job for you.

  • Login into your personal web site of the external SURFmailfilter. Here you can find how to do this.
  • Be sure the Enable customization option is enabled
  • On the menu click Rules and select one submenu items, e.g. Senders to add a rule to always reject (black listing) or always accept (white listing) an e-mail address. You can add all kind of rules to the filter for the incoming mail. Be sure that you know what you are doing, consult CT helpdesk in case you need advise.

WARNING: It is not recommended to use the white listing in the webmail.nikhef.nl interface. The SURFmailfilter is the first level filtering. If this filter rejects a mail, you will never see the mail appear on the second level filter in the webmail.

Does the Nikhef mail system filter my mail send to the outside world?

Yes it does (from May 2014 onwards) to block unwanted malicious mail from your (hacked?) account to destinations outside Nikhef. Have a look for more details.

What is the maximum size of a message including attachments?

The maximum message size for incoming and internal mail messages is set to 20MB.

In the case you want to deal with larger attachments it is recommended to use a web-based file transfer service like Filesender (recommended) or WeTransfer.

How to create a Mailman mailing list owned by you?

You can not create a Mailman type mailing list yourself, contact CT helpdesk to create one for you.