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|[[Hardware_for_sale|Used mobile phones for sale]]
|[[Downtime file server 24-Jul-2015 17:00-22:00]]
|[[Downtime file server 24-Jul-2015 17:00-22:00]]

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November Used mobile phones for sale
July Downtime file server 24-Jul-2015 17:00-22:00
May Mobiele telefonie: beschrijving contract
January Extending follow-you printing to printers H1, H2 and N2
January Replacing Horde webmail by SOGo webmail
January SURFdrive available to Nikhef employees
January eduroam Visitor Access for guest wifi
January Replacing windows terminal server host
January SURFspot will be renewed. Go to the website to preserve a copy of your old license codes!


December Indico agenda updated to new version
April Printers h1 and h1color blocked for direct access
May Outbound mail filter activated (tba) (more info)


July Central file server (ebro/beuk) replaced by new hardware.
October All printers replaced by Xerox multifunctional printers


October All printers replaced by Xerox multifunctional printers
June Gebruikervoorwaarden / Acceptable Use Policy approved
June Domain nikhef.nl ready for IPv6
April Added 200TB netto storage to compute cluster (gluster)
January Deployment new WiFi network (info)


November Laptop backup service available
September New version Nikhef Travel web application available
September Start project renewal wifi infrastructure at Nikhef
April/May Deployment VOIP telephone system
March/April Upgrade network bandwidth to desktops and (wired) laptops


October Introduction helpdesk ticket system TOPdesk.
September Dynamic group Mailing lists available (synchronized with PZ database).
April Router migration finished: a redundant 10 Gbps link to SURFnet.
March Router migration finished apart from last step (SURFnet connection).
March Mail spam filter: auto reject score decreased from 20 to 10.
March Step by step Netwerk reconfiguration (new router).
March Adding capacity to the stoomboot cluster.
February New mail system operational.
January Introduction Identity Management system NikIDM (Single sign on)