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Account Request

Please use the link on this page to submit an account request to the CT helpdesk. The form will be sent to the TOPdesk servicedesk and will be handled as soon as possible.

Request Read this before you start
Account Request a Nikhef user account

Request a Nikhef user account

A request for new computer account will only be handled if:

  • the request is submitted by a Nikhef employee (the sponsor of the requested account)
  • the person is preregistered at the personnel department at Nikhef.

The expiration date for Nikhef employees with permanent or temporarily contracts is set by the personnel department. Guest accounts are valid for one year (+ one month) and can be extended when requested by the sponsor. If relevant, the office and phone number can be filled into the web form, however for Nikhef employees these numbers will be updated with the content of the database from the personnel department.

An account name must be conform the convention as demonstrated in this example. For Tom Jones the account name must be either tjones or tomj. Possible conflicts with existing accounts will be solved by the CT helpdesk, e.g by proposing tomjon or a similar combination.

The account request will be submitted to the CT helpdesk. Once an account has been created, the helpdesk will inform the sponsor. The owner of the new account is requested to come to the helpdesk to change the initial password. If this is not possible another solution will be proposed.

Start the request for the new account here.

See also: The Nikhef Identity Management and SSO Service.