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One account for (almost) all ICT services

With your Nikhef account you are able to make use of almost all Nikhef ICT services, including cloud services enabled by the SURFconext federation. That is why we use the term Single Sign On (SSO). One account for many services.

The Nikhef single-sign-on ICT services are part of the Nikhef Identity Management system, also known as NikIDM. The NikIDM system integrates the local Nikhef ICT and the Nikhef Grid services. You may find more information on the The Nikhef Identity Management and SSO Service web pages.

You can use your Nikhef account to enable the following services:

  • Nikhef mail services
  • Linux and Windows desktops and services
  • TOPdesk Self Service Desk
  • EduRoam WiFi (inside and outside Nikhef)
  • Nikhef_Travel Nikhef Travel Programme (Reis Boeken)
  • Nikhef urenregistratie
  • Nikhef intranet (when access from outside)
  • Nikhef Wiki's
  • SURFconext

Some services like older Wiki's, older Linux systems, the Indico agenda and Mailman lists do not make use of SSO access.

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