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Mail, Address book and Calendar

The information in this article is obsolete. Please do not use the connection via Exchange anymore. For an alternative, please see the article Sony Xperia Z3 (compact)

1. Go to the account settings

Click the settings icon and scroll down to accounts.

Screenshot 2013-02-26-10-58-44.png Screenshot 2013-02-26-10-59-01.png Screenshot 2013-02-26-10-59-39.png

2. Click add account

Screenshot 2013-02-26-10-59-51.png

3. Choose Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync

Don't worry. It's not really exchange.

Screenshot 2013-02-26-11-00-16.png

3. Type your email address and password

Note that your email address probably isn't, use your own. Click next.

Screenshot 2013-02-26-11-10-47.png

4. Type your username, password and server

Username without domain. For the server, use Make sure SSL is checked. Click next.

Screenshot 2013-02-26-11-11-26.png Screenshot 2013-02-26-11-11-55.png

5. Configure options

You may wish to download the attachments automatically when on a WiFi connection. Click next.

Screenshot 2013-02-26-11-14-38.png Screenshot 2013-02-26-11-14-57.png

6. Name the account.

You are free to name the account any way you like.

Screenshot 2013-02-26-11-15-20.png

Global address book

1. Find and install "Corporate Addressbook" in the Google Play Store

Screenshot 2013-02-26-11-35-12.png Screenshot 2013-02-26-11-35-46.png Screenshot 2013-02-26-11-36-11.png Screenshot 2013-02-26-11-36-18.png Screenshot 2013-02-26-11-36-28.png

2. Fill in the username and password

Start the Corporate Address Book application. Make sure to uncheck Accept all SSL certificates.

Screenshot 2013-02-26-11-40-14.png

Assign colours to the calendars

1. Find and install "Set Calendar Colors" in the Google Play Store

Screenshot 2013-02-26-11-35-12.png Screenshot 2013-02-26-11-43-17.png Screenshot 2013-02-26-11-43-39.png Screenshot 2013-02-26-11-43-45.png

2. Assign pretty colours

Screenshot 2013-02-26-11-44-40.png