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This page describes the use of the SOGo calendar and it's integration with different platforms. SOGo offers multiple ways to access calendaring and messaging data. You can either use a web browser, Outlook, Thunderbird, an iPhone, or an Android device to access the same information. With SOGo you are able to view, create and share calendars. You are also able to send and accept invitations for events just like with Outlook.


Accessing the calendar

  • The SOGo calendar is linked to your Nikhef email account. You can access it by going to and selecting the calendar in the top left.

Creating a new calendar

  • To create a new calendar simply press on the first button in the row under the calendar. By default a calendar is private unless you choose to share it with others.

Sogo create new agenda.jpg

Sharing a calendar

  • Right click on a calendar and click Sharing.

Sogo sharing.jpg

  • This window will appear. Add people by clicking the green plus icon or remove them with the red cross.

Sogo sharing window2.jpg

  • Access rights have to be set per user, you can do this by double clicking on a given name. The following window will appear.

Sogo user permissions2.jpg

  • SOGo allows you to define access rights for public, private and confidential calendar objects (events and tasks) in your calendars. The following permissions can be given:
    * None: Absolutely no rights given
    * View Date & Time : Can view the date and time of the calendar object - the rest of the information is automatically stripped
    * View All: Can view all information related to a calendar object - just like the owner (implies View Date & Time)
    * Respond: Can respond to invitations (implies View All)
    * Modify: Can modify the calendar objects (implies View All and Respond)
    * You can also allow others to create and delete calendar objects in your calendars.
  • If you leave everything at 'None' the person will not be able to add your calendar.

  • For every event created in your calendar you can set a privacy level. This corresponds with the permissions per user in the picture above.

Sogo privacy.jpg

Subscribing to a calendar

  • Once a calendar has been shared and permissions have been granted to you, you can subscribe to it.

Sogo subscribe.jpg

  • A window will appear where you can look up the owner of the calendar. Unfold the name and add the calendar.

Sogo add cal2.jpg

Adding a calendar to Thunderbird

  • In Thunderbird go to your calendar. Right click on the white space on the left and select New calendar > On the network > Caldav

Thunderbird new calendar2.jpg

  • Now you will need a link to the calendar. If you have not received it, you can get it from SOGo. Go to SOGo and right click on the calendar you want to add and click Properties.

Sogo cal prop.jpg

  • The following window will appear. Go to the tab 'Links to this Calendar' and copy the CalDAV URL as shown.

Sogo links to calendar.jpg

  • Now paste the URL in Thunderbird. Hit next. Give it a name and color of your liking and save it.

Thunderbird CalDAV.jpg

Sending invitations for events

First we need to make sure that the calendar is set to client-side email scheduling.

  • Go to Thunderbird and right click on the calendar and click Properties.

Thunderbid cal context.jpg

  • In the next window make sure that client-side email scheduling is checked and click OK.

Thunderbid cal properties.jpg

  • Now you can send invites. Go to your Thunderbird Calendar and right click to make a new event. Now click on Invite Attendees.

Thunderbird new event.jpg

  • The following window will pop up. Type a name on the left and add the attendee(s). Click OK.

Thunderbird invite.jpg

  • Finally click Save and Close. The attendee(s) will now get an email with a request to either accept or reject the event.

Integrating your calendars on iPhone

This will integrate all your calendars from SOGo.

  • On your iPhone go to Settings > Accounts & Passwords > Add account > Other > Add CalDAV Account
  • For server fill in ''.
  • Fill in your username and password.
  • Keep in mind that after changing your password (at least once per year) you will have to change it in your CalDav settings as well.
  • Choose your own description.
  • Save it.
  • Now it's set up. The calendars will appear in the calendar app.

Caldav iphone 1.PNG Caldav iphone 2.PNG Caldav iphone 3.PNG Caldav iphone 4.PNG

Integrating your calendars on Android

This will integrate all your calendars from SOGo.

  • On your Android phone go to the Play Store and install the app Open Sync.
  • Turn off battery optimization for Open Sync when asked.
  • Skip the notification about OpenTasks.
  • Now you will see the OpenSync main menu. Tap on the orange button to add an account.
  • Choose 'Login with URL and user name'.
  • For Base URL fill in ''.
  • Fill in your username and password.
  • Keep in mind that after changing your password (at least once per year) you will have to change it in your CalDav settings as well.
  • Give it a name and tap 'Create Account'.
  • Allow calendar permissions when notified.
  • Now it's set up. The marked calendars will appear in your calendar app.

Caldav android 1.png Caldav android 2.png Caldav android 3.png Caldav android 4.png Caldav android 5.png

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