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On Wednesday February 28 2018 we will be replacing all printers. This page contains information about the time line and how users can migrate to the new printers. Please read below which actions are required for your device(s).

The new printers are also Xerox printers. However all of the printers will now be color printers. The new printers will only be available via the "follow you" queues "bw" and "color". It will no longer be possible to directly print to queues H0, H3, N0, N1 and N3.

The "follow you" system will use a different software back-end. All of the Nikhef access keys (druppels) have been moved to the new system so you do not need to register it again. Users that have a badge from Nikhef Housing instead of a "druppel" will need to register their badge at a printer once.

Time Line (February 28, 2018)

  • 08:30 We will shutdown the print queues on the old print server and start migrating to the new print server. Users can not print until 10:00. If you really need to print during this time please contact the helpdesk. (020 592 2200 /
  • 10:00 The first printers H2 and N2 should be online and users can use the new print service to print to these printers. Please consult below for migration instructions for you computer.
  • After 10:00 The rest of the printers will be placed and become available starting with the public printers (H0,H1,H3,N0 and N3). Because of construction works in the corridor, N1 will be placed later.


managed desktops

If you have a windows desktop that is managed by the CT, we will remove the existing printers and add the new printers between 08:30 and 10:00. This should happen automatically. If the printers do not appear after 10:00, you may have to reboot your desktop.

unmanaged: laptops, lab PCs etc

If you have a windows machine that you manage yourself, please remove the existing printers and install the new printers as explained here


managed desktops

If you have a Linux desktop that is managed by the CT, the printers will be updated for you between 08:30 and 10:00. This should happen automatically.

unmanaged: laptops, lab PCs etc

The steps below assume that your Linux device has a working cups setup with two existing follow-you queues 'bw' and 'color'. The instructions below will work on Red Hat, CentOS, Scientific Linux and OpenSUSE. For Debian, Ubuntu etc, the paths and commands may differ.

Preparation: on the laptop, download the PPD file for the new printer. You have the option between black-and-white only (the bw queue) and printing in colour (the color queue)

As root on the Linux device with cups:

1) Stop the cups daemon (works on Red Hat, OpenSUSE):

  service cups stop

2) Go to the cups ppd directory:

  cd /etc/cups/ppd

3) Move the old ppd files for the existing queues bw/color out of the way:

  mv bw.ppd bw.ppd.old
  mv color.ppd color.ppd.old

4) Copy the newly downloaded ppd file to the current working directory and make sure the target files match the queue names:

  cp /<path>/<to>/<downloads>/ bw.ppd
  cp /<path>/<to>/<downloads>/xrxC8055.color.ppd color.ppd

5) Make sure root is owner of the new ppd files:

  chown root:root bw.ppd color.ppd

6) Start the cups daemon (works on Red Hat, OpenSUSE):

  service cups start

Now it should be possible to print jobs to the bw and color queues.

Mac OS X

If you have installed the printers using and the generic postscript driver your current printers should work. However to use all the options available for the new printers we suggest you remove the printers and install as explained here


If you followed the appropriate steps above and still cannot print, please contact the CT Helpdesk ( or tel 020 592 2200).