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Introduction portal Vodafone Zakelijk

A portal per mobile number will be made available for each employee with a mobile phone supplied by Nikhef. As soon as we have made the portal you will receive a mail from Vodafone with your account information and a request to modify the temporarily password.

Once changed the password you are able to logon into the portal with your Vodafone account name nikhef.user, where user is per default the name of your Nikhef computer account.

For the moment (May 2013) the portal is not very useful. For now it is only available in the Dutch language, it does not show the toepassingen which are configured (like show PUK code) and most important the overview of the usage and costs of your mobile device is only available in a static view two weeks after the end of a month when the bill (factuur) is ready. We will ask Vodafone to improve the functionality of the portal.

How to get the monthly overview of usage and costs.

Follow these steps:

  • 0n the Startpagina go to Rekeningbeheer (menu on left).
  • On the Rekeningbeheer page goto Rekeningbeheer.
  • A new window will pop up.
  • Goto Rekeningoverzicht (menu on the left).
  • Ignore the Zoek option, only your mobile number is configured.
  • Select the Periode.
  • Goto Factuur per mobiel nummer or to Factuurdetails mobiel nummer in the most right column of the table.

On the Rekeningbeheer page you will find links to Rekeninganalyse, Rekeningextract and E-mail notificatie. Try it. How-to manuals are on-line available, but the functionality of the portal is limited as explained above.