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The Nikhef phone directory contains entries for all employees with their contact information. The phone directory does not include a photo by default because the European privacy law GDPR (called AVG in Dutch) requires explicit permission to publish photos of individuals.

To have your picture published in the phone directory, the following conditions must be met:

  • You are registered as employee of Nikhef.
  • Your picture has been taken by our photographer.
  • You have given consent to publish your picture.

To give the required consent, open the SSO page in your browser. Under Your profile settings you can grant or withdraw permission to publish your picture by selecting the option "Please do show my picture publicly" or "Do not show my picture publicly", respectively. After changing the value, confirm your changes under Confirmation of changes by entering your password and clicking the button "Change configuration".

Please contact the Helpdesk ( to make an appointment to have your picture taken if that hasn't happened before.

Note: after giving consent, the picture is visible from within Nikhef and from the public internet.

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