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If you do not want to wait, do it yourself. Take the opportunity to cleanup and reorganize your mail folder structure as well.

  • Add the following rule to your .procmailrc file in your Linux home directory (or Windows My Documents). From now on all your new mail will be delivered in the folders on the new server.
! yourname@imaps.nikhef.nl

If you change the first line :0 into :0 c, mail will be delivered in your old and new inbox.

  • Create a new mail account in your mail client (e.g.Thunderbird). Use the configuration of your existing account, but use imaps.nikhef.nl as IMAP server instad of imap.nikhef.nl.
  • Login into both your existing and your new mail account.
  • Copy your folders, including Inbox and Sent from old to new.

As an alternative Linux experts can use tools like imapsync to copy mail folders.

Advanced users, who use the Linux autonomous mail processor procmail, must be aware that this can not be used anymore. In case you have defined filter rules in your .procmailrc, you have to convert these rules to the mail-filtering language Sieve. The same applies for the forwarding rules you might have defined in your .forward file.