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In case you want to travel abroad in the context of your Nikhef work, you have to use the Travel application available on the Nikhef web site. This application guides you through the different phases of the travel procedures. You will be notified by e-mails about the status of your travel request, the reservation of transport and accommodation and so on. Once you are back from your trip you have to use the Travel application again to sum up your travel expenses.

How to start the Travel application?

  • On the Nikhef users web page follow the quick link Manual Travel Program (EN) or Reis boeken (NL).
  • On the NikIDM single-sign-on page use your standard Nikhef account name and password to login into the Travel application.
    • Be aware: as a first time user you have to request the CT helpdesk to enable your Travel account before you can login.
  • Now your personalized page will appear and you can start working with the Travel application.

New features of the September 2011 version

  • The Travel application ...
    • is moved away from Nikhef web server to a dedicated web application server (
    • is translated from the Dutch language into the English language.
    • does not start a new window in case you press the 'proceed' or other buttons on the screen.
  • Instead of a dedicated Travel account you can now enter your standard Nikhef computer account and password (single sign-on) to use the Travel application.

Information Travel application from the secretary department.

Introduction in English and in Dutch.