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Do not synchronize your mail to your computer!

Leave your mail on the mail server, do not synchronize it to your Nikhef computer, it will eat up all your disk quota in your home folder.

How to to do this:

  • Go to the Tools menu in the Thunderbird mail client
  • Go to Account Settings
  • Go to Synchronization and Storage in your account
  • Uncheck the Message Synchronizing box

How to enable Thunderbird to check for new messages in all your folders

If you're using multiple folders on the IMAP server to structure your email, then you might experience the problem that all the new messages in sub-folders are not updated automatically upon refresh of the Inbox. Thunderbird 1.x, 2.0.x and also 3.0.x will not by default look into your IMAP (sub-)folders for new email. There are two options to change this.

Option 1: Per folder email checking

  • right-click (or ctrl+left-click) on a sub-folder
  • choose Properties
  • select the General Information tab
  • check the box Check this folder for new messages.

Option 2: Global setting (per account) to check email in all folders

  • Go to the Thunderbird Preferences or Options window.
  • On Linux/Windows go to ToolsOptions
  • On MacOS-X Thunderbird Preferences
  • hit Advanced and select the General tab
  • click on the Config Editor...
  • a new window pops up, scroll to the setting mail.check_all_imap_folders_for_new
  • by default it says false, click it to switch this boolean value to "true".
  • if there is a Save or OK button, click that button otherwise close the window
  • restart Thunderbird to enable the feature.