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Strongly recommended is to login into Horde webmail with the mode field set to Dynamic. This setting will be remembered by your browser.

You can select your favorite language on the Login screen, but this setting will not be remembered by your browser. To make your language selection persistent, go to Options, go to Choose Application, select Global Options, select Locale and Time, select Your preferred language and Save.

Filter Rules

Use may use the Horde webmail to configure your server-side mail delivery filter rules. Server-side means these rules are processed on the IMAP server and are effective for all other mail clients you may use. In Horde you can either use the web interface or the script editor to define your rules.

Here are some relevant questions from the Mail FAQ page:

Limitations usage in Horde

As Horde is an easy tool for hackers to sent massive spam mails via hacked accounts, we have put some limitations on sending mail:

Maximum Number of Recipients per Message  = 12
Maximum Number of Recipients per Time Period = 200 (per 24 hour)

Individual users may request the helpdesk to adapt these settings to their needs.

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