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On this page you will find used Nikhef mobile phones for sale.

  • The phones are sold in lots.
  • Nikhef employees are able to buy this phones.
  • The only way to buy used phones is by sending an email to buy.hardware@nikhef.nl with the lot number from which you wish to buy. It is not possible to get old phones directly from the CT Helpdesk.
  • If there are not enough phones for all buyers we will randomly select who can buy from those interested. This will be done after the end date listed in the table
  • It is only possible to buy more than one item if there are more phones than buyers.
  • Items that are not sold, may be offered in the next round of phone sales, may be sold outside Nikhef or may be destroyed and discarded.
  • After the end date listed in the table we will contact the buyers via mail.
  • After this email, the buyer can inspect the device and decide within one week whether or not to buy for the listed price; we will not negotiate about any price. After this period, the buyer is fully responsible for any found defects. Nikhef will not handle repairs nor (partially) refund the price.

The people selected for the allotments will be notified shortly.


7 x Xperia Z3


2 x 225 dual Sim (yellow)


5 x iPhone 5S

1 x iPhone 6

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