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How to set vacation message?

You can not use the .vacation file anymore to set your vacation message. Instead use webmail ("Options" -> "Vacation") to compose and activate your vacation message.

Hot to set mail forwarding?

You can not use the .forward file anymore to define the mail forwarding. Instead use webmail ("Options" -> "Forward").

How to define mail delivery filter rules?

You may define your own filter rules for the delivery of mail to the mail folders. E.g. define a rule to store all mails labeled as Spam into a dedicated mail folder.

Three methods are available to define these server-side mail delivery filters:

  • Use webmail (option "Filters").
  • Use the Sieve extension for Mozilla Thunderbird.
    • Download the extension from here.
    • Install the extension in Thunderbird via Tools->Sieve Filter Settings->enable. Note: be aware that Sieve rules defined with the Thunderbird extension get lost if webmailis used to modify the filter rules (details to be sorted out).
  • Third option: a Sieve command line interface (details will follow).