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SURFfederatie is the authentication- and autorisation service for higher education and research institutes in the Netherlands.

Use your Nikhef account for access to cloud services and content delivery providers on the internet. Services enabled for Nikhef are listed on this page.

All services provided by the federation are listed here. Please contact CT helpdesk in case you are interested to use a service which is not enabled yet.


SURFconext is the cloud integrator for higher education and research. The SURFfederation will be integrated into SURFconext.

Status August 2012: SURFconext is running pilot projects. Services available for Nikhef are listed on this page.


SURFspot is the web shop for the educational domain in the Netherlands.
How to use SURFspot
  • Go to the SURFspot web site
  • In the Logon panel, select Nikhef as your Hogeschool & Universiteit (Onderwijs) instelling
  • Click Inloggen and enter your Nikhef account name and password
  • You are now logged in into the SURFspot portal (Dutch language only)
  • Start shopping the products as selected for Nikhef employees
  • Check the FAQ or consult the CT helpdesk in case support is needed.


Elsevier ScienceDirect is the portal to scientific publications.
How to Elsevier ScienceDirect
  • Go to the ScienceDirect web site
  • Go to right-upper corner 'login'
  • Do not enter name/password, instead 'Go to Athens Other institution login'
  • Select institute's location -> 'Dutch Universities and Higher Education (SURF)'
  • Select Nikhef
  • Enter your Nikhef account and password


FileSender is a secure way to share large files with anyone! Logon to upload your files or invite people to send you a file.

It is an experimental service offered by SURFnet (August 2012).

Within your browser (with HTML5 support), you can upload files with a maximum size of 100GB.

How to use FileSender
  • Go to the FileSender web site
  • Click Logon, select Log in through SURFconext as your identity provider
  • In the Login via your institution panel, type Nikhef in the search your institute field
  • Click Nikhef and enter your Nikhef account name and password
  • As a first time user: check the Share this information button
  • Now you can start uploading your file(s).


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