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This page describes how to get contact details of Nikhef staff in your phone.


Setting up CardDav on Android

  • Go to the Google Play Store and search for 'CardDav-Sync free' and install it.
  • Open the app and select CardDav from the top.
  • Enter for the server name and enter your Nikhef username (without @nikhef) and password.
  • Check the Shared Addresses and press next.
  • Synching may take a while but when it is finished, you will have all Nikhef contacts.

Android 01.jpg Android 02.jpg Android 03.jpg Android 04.jpg

Setting up CardDav on iPhone

  • On your iPhone go to Safari and browse to
  • Click on the link under 'Configure Nikhef address book'.
  • Hit Allow > Install > Install.
  • Enter your Nikhef username (without @nikhef) and password.
  • The profile is now installed.

Ios 02.jpg Ios 6.jpg Ios 7.jpg Ios 8.jpg

Looking up contacts on iPhone

  • Go to Contacts and select Groups.
  • Hit Shared Addresses and a search bar will appear.
  • Here you can look up Nikhef contacts.

Ios 9.jpg Ios 10.jpg

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