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CT will migrate your mail folders to a new mail IMAP/POP server and inform about the procedure and timing.

What you have to do yourself depends on how exactly you use the mail server at Nikhef.

Here are the basic facts of the mail migration.


If you forward your mail ...

... you have recently received an e-mail with the instruction how to reconfigure your forward (before mail migration).

If you use Linux procmail to process your mail ...

... you may follow these instructions how to redefine the filter rules for your mail delivery after mail migration.

If you use a mail client like Thunderbird, MS Outlook, MacOS Mail, etc...

... you have to change the IMAP or POP mail server name from imap to imaps or pop3 to pop3s after mail migration (details).

If you use webmail as mail client...

... as ever, follow the link on the Nikhef web page and login (details); be aware the new webmail does not contain mail until the migration is finished; use the link on top of the page to go to the 'old' webmail.

If you use the Linux mail client Pine...

... you have to modify the file .pinerc in your home directory (details).

If you want to filter your SPAM ... can either throw it away or store it in a folder for later examination; read the instructions how to do it.

If you do not know what to do...

... contact CT helpdesk (, +31 20 592 2200)

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