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Athena 12.0.7

Release 12.0.7 is the nominal 'final' release in the 12 release series. It is equivalent to with some extra add-ons, notably the lastest set of DC3 jobOptions (including the recently defined Wbb/cc+ jets samples for the topwg) and the combined Evgen+atlfast tranformation that performs the Evgen step and subsequent AtlFast processing on one step.

The difference between release 12.0.7 and patch are neglible, the only notable one for end users is that the latter has a more recent version of DC3_jobOptions, so unless you know what you are doing you should make that your default. All future patches of 12.0.7 will exclusively consist of further jobOptions updates. No code or configuration changes will happen.

You should _not_ be using release 12.0.6 at nikhef anymore as this is the unpatched version that is known to have several important bugs.

Two distinct ways to set up Athena are explained here:

  • Athena 12.0.7 out of the box
  • Athena 12.0.7 with EventView group area to include the latest versions of the various EventView packages (i.e. TopView, HighPtView, etc). This involves a few more steps to setup athena.

Athena 12.0.7 out of the box

For the 12.0.7 release do

source /data/atlas/offline/12.0.7/cmtsite/setup.csh -tag=12.0.7,setup

For the patch do

source /data/atlas/offline/12.0.7/cmtsite/setup.csh -tag=AtlasProduction,,setup

Note that the 'setup' string in the tag specification triggers the automatic running of the run time environemtn setup scripts so that athena and the various job transforms (e.g. are immediately available on the command line.

As this has to be done everytime a new shell is started, it might be handy to put it in a little script, eg. init1207.csh:

#! /bin/csh
# 1 -- setup Athena 12.0.7
source /data/atlas/offline/12.0.7/cmtsite/setup.csh -tag=setup,12.0.7

# 2 -- setup working area
setenv CMTPATH /project/atlas/users/<username>/12.0.7:${CMTPATH}
cd /project/atlas/users/<username>/12.0.7

(Note that the working area is added to the CMTPATH, as this is not done automatically due to the 'noTag' setting in /data/atlas/offline/12.0.7/cmtsite/requirements).

Athena 12.0.7 with EventView group area

First time

The following needs to be done only once:

  • source /data/atlas/offline/12.0.7/CMT/v1r19/mgr/setup.csh
  • mkdir ~/cmthome
    You need this, since you're going to use a customised requirements file
  • create the file ~/cmthome/requirements with the following contents:
    set SITEROOT /data/atlas/offline/12.0.7
    macro ATLAS_TEST_AREA /project/atlas/users/<username>
    macro ATLAS_GROUP_AREA /data/atlas/offline/EVGroupArea
    apply_tag projectArea
    apply_tag opt
    apply_tag simpleTest
    use AtlasLogin AtlasLogin-* $(ATLAS_DIST_AREA)
    set CMTCONFIG i686-slc3-gcc323-opt
    set CMTSTRUCTURINGSTYLE "with_version_directory"

    Note I : ATLAS_TEST_AREA should be modified (without the '12.0.7'), the ATLAS_GROUP_AREA is needed for TopView.
    Note II: The CMTSTRUCTURINGSTYLE setting is needed to have the package version in the directory name, eg.
    PhysicsAnalysis/TopPhys/TopView/TopView-00-12-13-03 instead of just PhysicsAnalysis/TopPhys/TopView
    If not set explicitely, the former is default without group area, the latter with group area. (I guess it's a matter of taste?).

  • in the ~/cmthome directory do cmt config
  • create a file ~/init1207.csh which contains:
    #! /bin/csh
    # 1 -- setup Athena 12.0.7
    source ~/cmthome/setup.csh -tag=setup,12.0.7,groupArea
    # 2 -- go to working area
    cd /project/atlas/users/<username>/12.0.7

    It will be used everytime you start a new session.

    The 'groupArea' tag is needed for TopView


When you start a new shell you should:

  • source ~/init1207.csh

Setting up TopView

In your 12.0.7 working area (e.g. /project/atlas/users/<username>/12.0.7 ) do:

klog.krb -tmp -cell -principal <afs accountname>
cmt co -r TopView-00-12-13-03 PhysicsAnalysis/TopPhys/TopView

After the TopView code has been checked out go to the TopView-00-12-13-03/cmt directory compile the code:

cmt config
source setup.csh

That's it!

Note: The file in TopView-00-12-13-03/run can be used to create customised TopView ntuples