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Combined Cosmic Reconstruction in release 11.2.0

This link provides a shortcut in getting the environment ready. A patched version, ready to compile can be found at:


This tarball contains all the packages/jobOptions etc to run the reconstruction. Copy this tarball to your workspace and untar. (to build your workspace: described here)

cd 11.2.0

cp ~zvankest/11.2.0cosmics.tgz .

tar xzf 11.2.0Cosmic.tgz

The order to compile the packages in is:

  • MuonSpectrometer/MuonRecAlgs/MuonSegmentMakerAlgs
  • MuonSpectrometer/MuonCalib/MdtCalib/MdtCalibSvc
  • MuonSpectrometer/MuonRecTools/MdtDriftCircleOnTrackCreator
  • MuonSpectrometer/MuonCalib/MuonCalibPatRec
  • MuonSpectrometer/MuonCalib/MuonCalibNtuple
  • MuonSpectrometer/MuonCalib/MuonCalibTools
  • MuonSpectrometer/MuonCommissioning/MuonCommExample

Running the reconstruction is done with the following jobOptions:

athena for only MDT reconstruction

athena for only TileCal reconstruction

athena for combined TileCal-MDT reconstruction