Producing Woutuple from AOD

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Producing an Ntuple from an AOD

This part is not ready yet

The package to produce the Ntuple from the AOD contains:

  • a clone of UserAnalysis/AnalysisSkeleton
  • a clone of AnalysisExamples/ttbar
  • the simpleTTbar class that dumps a (nearly) complete ntuple with all AOD information needed for a ttbar analysis on full simulation Monte Carlo

Setting up the package

  1. Go to the directory where you want to install the package and untar the tarball that contains the code:
tar -xzvf TTBarAnalysis.tgz

The package will appear in a subdirectory named TTBarAnalysis of the chosen directory.

  1. Go to the cmt directory: cd TTBarAnalysis/cmt
  2. Execute cmt config
  3. Execute source setup.csh
  4. Build the library: gmake

Running the package (an Ntuple from an AOD)

  1. Go to the run directory: cd /TTBarAnalysis/run
  2. Link the directory containing your AODs to the input directory:
 ln -s /data/atlas/public/Rome/T1/AOD/AOD_Rome/ AOD
  1. Create the pool file catalog:

All POOL files processed by Athena should be registered in the PoolFile Catalog. Easiest is to register ALL your AODs into the catalog: pool_insertFileToCatalog AOD/*/*AOD.pool.root

  1. In the joboptions file (
 a)Specify which files you want to process using EventSelector.InputCollections and b)Enter the filename of the Ntuple that will be produced  
  1. If not already done before, go to the cmt directory and execute source setup.csh
  2. Go to the run directory: cd /TTBarAnalysis/run
  3. Execute:

An Ntuple is produced that can be analysed using the Analysis Skeleton.